Monday, January 30, 2017

"What were you expecting, an exploding pen? we don't really go for that kind of thing anymore.." - Skyfall

"...sitting on a bench under a palm tree teaching somebody.."

Dear Family & Friends, 
This week was really really fun. A lot happened, and unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures, sorry.
On Monday, I will explain why I wasn't able to write last week. Elder Tohouri and I got up and washed our clothes and studied small and then we went to Hannah and Darlington's house. They moved from Gbawe and live about and hour and a half tro tro ride away past Amasaman. We had no idea how far it was until we got there.

Monday, January 16, 2017

"The cold never bothered me anyway" - Frozen

Dear Family & Friends;

So Hamattan is back! Hamattan comes from giant dust storms in the Sahara desert and some of the dust that they kick up lingers over West Africa for a few weeks and it blocks out the sun and makes the weather colder. It gets especially cold at night, I don't know how cold (I haven't seen a thermometer since I came on my mission) but I pulled out my fleece blanket from my suitcase last night and turned off my fan. I'm freezing at night! (I looked it up and during Hamattan the overnight lows can drop into the 50's...)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bell Lap (the last lap of a distance race when they ring the bell to let the runners know they are almost done)

Dear Family & Friends,

So I actually missed my 6 months to go mark, it was last week, but I really haven't done very good at keeping track. 

To start out this week our District had interviews with President Simpson. Throughout my mission I have had Elders come up to me in private moments and share with me that they are struggling with choosing to not have contention in with their companion (3 Nephi 11:29 can't have the spirit) or to choose to do the right thing (1 Nephi 3:7) I have done my best, but it is also something that I have struggled with throughout my mission.

Monday, January 2, 2017

"I'm Yao, King of the Rock!!! And there ain't nothin you girls can do about it!" - Mulan

This is Sister Munro. She is one of the amazing office missionaries there in Accra who watches over and takes care of our Elders and Sisters. She's always been so good to let us know when packages arrive and she likes to snap photos of the missionaries when they encounter them out and about. It was her birthday last week and Elder Peters made a card for her. 

Dear Family & Friends,

It sounds really cold there in Utah...I'm sweating sitting at the computer here. I washed my clothes, just cafeing now in Weija with Elder Perry so that's pretty cool.

Ya so Christmas has been fun, and it has really given me an opportunity to get to know my area really really well. I feel like I can confidently stand on the top of McCarthy Hill and say, "Yep, I really know this place" Sitting in church and looking around I could name most of the members sitting in the congregation and in my head could locate their houses.