Monday, September 26, 2016

"I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike" - Queen

Elders Peters and Perry one year later, posing at the temple like they did in the MTC.
Dear Family & Friends,
This week I went on an exchange with Elder Green. He is a cool guy from Arkansas. He is an inspiration to me because he went home about this time last year from his mission cuz of a sickness that he got and he went home for six months and then came back out into the mission field and is doing awesome! As we got up in the morning and studied and were getting ready to proselyte we locked the front door of the apartment (which was the same apartment I was trained in by Elder Liera) and said our prayer before we go out. As I opened my eyes and looked for my bike I saw this really beat up tattered bike with a ripped up seat, broken brakes, it looked like nobody had ridden it in ages. I asked Elder Green, "Whose bike is that?"

Monday, September 19, 2016

"I've been everywhere, I'm like an institution..." - Matchbox 20

Dear family & friends,

I would like to start this email by sending a thank you to: (I hope I don’t miss anybody, this is from memory…)

Bryce Huff, Kevin Day (and family), The Williamsons, Coach Talley, Brad & Ethan, Coach T, Stokton, Sarah Peters, Michael Peters, Trish & Russ Peters, Mark Peters, Grandma & Grandpa Peters, Colter Blanchard, Danny Tumblin, Colton Rimann, Tanner Satchwell, Caleb Satchwell, Logan McKay, Zach Wilde, Emmanuel Bondzie, Gabriel Liera, the Christopherson family, Steve Lindsay, Elder Perry, Elder Herrod, Elder Mantz, the Satchwell family, Kaity Datwyler, Jordan Barnett, Papa Hill, Nicole Wood, Kimball potter, Alex “the girl” Tanner, Johnson family, The Sprague’s, Elder Ward, Tatum (Beard) Smith, Elder Rayl, Sister Meyer, Josey Hedquist, Matt Page, Elder Aposhion, Karen Stoker, Josh Peters, Lance and Kellie Moss, Linda Van de Merwe, Bruce and Julia Johnson, Alexa Peters, Nate Hodgson, and The Kaysville 9th Ward Primary. (Sorry if I didn’t get everybody’s names…) Thank you all so much for the letters you wrote! I will do my best to send personal emails to all of you and thank you, but I wanted to tell all of THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You guys made my birthday SO awesome! That was the best thing I have ever received on my mission!

Monday, September 12, 2016

"I packed your ANGRY EYES just in case..." - Toy Story 2

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Peters!!!

Dear family & friends, 

It looks like it does gonna be at least 9 months for me in Larte'b. I'm happy because I don't have to pack up all my stuff. Elder Pohlsander and I are staying together. I'm excited because I will get to work on my 5k plan with the stake president and the other missionaries in my zone. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

"Takin' my time on my ride" - Twenty One Pilots

Elders Peters and Pohlsander at the Accra Temple. 

Dear family & friends,

Sometime last week I got a call from sister Munro that I needed to arrange a trip for some elders in my zone to go and renew their non-citizenship cards in the mission home on Thursday, and that Elder Pohlsanders long awaited package was there in the mission home and the elders could come and pick it up and take it back to him. So I called up Elder Fryar and elder Ngoy and told them the travel plans and then asked them if they could retrieve any mail that they find in the mission home and they said they would. I told Elder Pohlsander about this and he was so excited, maybe a little too excited.