Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Fists Hunger For Justice - July 29, 2015

So Elder Perry and I talked to the president about our concern with only getting about 15 minutes total so far to email our families from the MTC and he felt that we should use a half an our of our personal study time to make sure that our families know that we are doing well and to talk with them. president Robison is a really good guy, i like him a lot. he cares a lot more about trying to be a good, effective, happy missionary than being incredibly strict with rules. a lot of the African elders are still learning things about being missionaries, for example elder Msomi is from south Africa and there swear words aren't swear words, he was telling us how the missionaries there that he talked to even swore because its just part of south African culture. just like how swear words in the u.s. are different from swear words in England. anyway that's just one example. he is doing a lot better because someone explained to him how we aren't in south Africa anymore so you have to say dang and heck instead of other things. also a lot of them went through the temple for the first time and a learning  how to wear garments. 

The African elders have incredible gospel knowledge.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Elder Peters, Elder Perry and Elder Mantz got to go to the temple this morning.  Notice how all these Cross Country runners wore yellow ties?  
Dear Family and Friends,

I only have a little bit of time until dinner, I have been wanting to write more because I wrote the last email in 5 min because I was limited on time again as well. things are pretty hectic here in the MTC sometimes. our schedule is planned down to the minute and I was called be a district leader and now a zone leader and I have a lot of stuff I am supposed to do in "free time" but am struggling to find much free time.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Photos From Ghana MTC

Brandon (er...Elder Peters) arrived in Ghana on Thursday the 23rd of July at about 9:30 PM (Local Time) which is about 3:30 PM our time.  After going through customs and baggage claim they had an adventurous ride to the MTC in Tema, Ghana.

We've been very grateful to the MTC President and Sister Robison for updating their blog at, since Elder Peters group landed we've received daily updates on their activities and such.  I't's made that transition to being a missionary family so much easier.

So below are a few photo highlights that feature Elder Peters in the MTC.

Here he is...front and center with the others in his group on their first day at the MTC.  Before they could eat breakfast, they had to write home, so we got a very AWESOME...very short letter on Friday.

Elder Mantz and Elder Perry out for a run.  This has been an common sight at the MTC with Elder Peters and Elder Sakala running with them most of the time.  Why isn't Elder Peters in this photo? My guess is that on this day he chose to play soccer with the African Elders.

Energetic bunch on Saturday Morning.

Here is the advantage of having a tall, red-head for a son.  I can tell that's Elder Peters in the back of the room in this photo.  They were learning to consecrate oil with some other Elders.

Freshly set apart as missionaries and at the SLC Airport ready to fly.  Elder Peters and Elder Perry.  I told Pres. Robison that it's hard to take a photo of one without the other...well he must have felt that was OK because they have been assigned to be companions at the MTC!

All the missionaries traveling from SLC to Ghana!  It was so cool to see them find each other and instantly become friends.

Again, the advantage of having that tall, red-head....pretty obvious who's in the front there...

Elder Perry eating Sunday Dinner.  I'm 100% confident that Elder Peters is sitting across from him.