Monday, November 28, 2016

"We ain't had nothin' but maggoty bread to eat for three stinkin' days!" -The Two Towers (I think)

We received notice that because of elections in Ghana this coming week, that Elder Peters will not be able to write until Tuesday, so we have a wait an extra day to hear from hm next week. 
Dear Family & Friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed thanksgiving and all the food! I kinda forgot that it was thanksgiving until someone in their training reminded me at our multi-zone conference this Tuesday. Later in the week I bought fried rice from a street vendor that was crawling with ants. When I opened the take away box sitting in his lawn chair behind his little booth with his propane stove to prepare the rice I said, "Chai!! This thing is crawling with ants!" Elder Tohouri:"its ok, its just extra vitamins" The Fried Rice guy (who looked just like a chef from the brig of the ship in one of those army or pirate movies ya know oil stained wife-beater, baggy shorts, missing teeth, etc…):"they like the salad, they won't hurt you.." I chucked the rice. 

On Tuesday we had another multi-zone conference in Kasoa. We left our apartment at 7 in the morning and got back at 5:50. It was long papa! After the meeting we were standing by the highway trying to catch a tro to Malam Junction and this guy in a really nice Infiniti rolled up and asked us where we were going. we told him we are headed to Malam he explained that he was going to CP (a junction in Kasoa, but it would get us a little closer to Malam) and I and the fellow missionaries in my apartment hopped in his car. We just assumed that this guy was a member because usually members do this kind of a thing. As we drove Elder Ntumba talked to the guy and we found out that he had actually only investigated with missionaries but that he has a lot of respect for us and the work we are doing. By this point we had arrived at his destination. He felt bad that he couldn't take us all the way to Malam so he wanted to pay for our transport back. He handed elder Tohouri some money and we walked to the roadside to pick a car. After we got in the car unfolding the bill we discovered that it was not one 50cedi, but two. The dude had dashed us 100 Ghana to get back to Malam. We have the rest of the money in a box that we are going to use to by bankuu powder to give to families that we meet and know in the ward that could use it for Christmas. You can buy SO much bankuu with 100 cedis, like I could probably fill the back of a pick-up truck with balls of bankuu for that much money. It was a huge blessing for us. 

"Hey, it's Elder Peters!"

It went right along with the main focus I guess of the multi-zone conference: Christmas. To explain this better I would like to explain the Ghana missionary technology. We are blessed with a Nokia indestructible cellar device that has a little flash light on the top and the battery in ours is held in place by a folded up piece of paper jammed into the battery housing to hold it in place, it also has a panda sticker on it. The back of the phone is held in place by duck tape cuz the little tines that clip the back of the phone into the actual phone got broken. We also have a china crapstastic DVD player that holds a charge for a time. It’s got an on and off button, a play and pause button, buttons to select the clips you want to play and a usb port. Oh ya and it will only play 3pg files. The screen also rotates 180 degrees. Sister Munro made the entire mission copies of the #LighttheWorld video produced by the church for this Christmas season encouraging all us to share the 25 days of service in 25 ways with our investigators and other members of our ward so that they can be involved in this church wide program. I'm pretty excited for it. Christmas is always a somewhat difficult time of year for missionary work cuz a lot of people travel, and are really busy with family stuff. Imagine if two missionaries knocked on our door on the 24th of December and said, "We’d like to take 15 min to share a message with you!" I know I would have been like, "uh, it’s Christmas. I’m going to my grandma's house..." But this will be good cuz it will encourage people to take the time to remember the example of Jesus Christ through service, and it will also help us as missionaries stay busy with things to do. I remember last year carrying a sack of pineapples around to members during the week of Christmas, I’m excited to do that kind of thing again this year.

A lot of this week I was at the doctor with elder Ntumba. He is struggling with some back pain and we had two doctor's appointments that we had to go to, to try to help him out. His companion was being stubborn and didn't want to go, so I went with him.

I was still able to teach many lessons this week. Since we have been using the DVD player more because of the #Light the world thing we have also used the 20 min restoration movie more too. It’s been pretty cool because they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth 10billion.

We have Flourence Alaba that will be baptized this weekend. She wasn’t feeling too well this past week and so we didn't baptize her. But this week for sure. 

Ghana is great, the work is good! 

I love you guys! Love, Elder Peters

Monday, November 21, 2016

"What about you?!! I'm What's your dream?!!!" - Tangled

Dear Family & Friends,

It was a good week and it started with an exchange with Elder Desta this Tuesday. He is one of our assistants now, but I’ve known him ever since I was in Kasoa last year. It was a rough day with a lot of appointments falling through but the last appointment of the day was a recent convert named Abena. She lives WAY far away and UP a huge hill.

Monday, November 14, 2016

"Its a good thing your not a big fat guy, or else this would be REALLY difficult!!!" -Emperor's New Groove

Dear Family & Friends,

Yesterday Elder Tohouri and I were riding our bikes up the hills of Gbawe and he stopped next to a poster advertisement and said, "Companion! We need to call this number! You’re to chingalingy you need to look like this!" as he pointed to a big ol' fat mame on the advertisement. It was one of those weird "get thin quick" medical things that are such a fad all over the world I have learned. We rode our bikes away laughing. Chingalingy is a Ghana word for skinny, it’s not Twi, I don't think its pidgin, it’s just a goofy word...

Monday, November 7, 2016

"MAWHAGE!! MAWHAGE is what brings us here today!!" - The Princess Bride

Families are forever! At the temple with the Eluwa family for their sealing. Elder Tohouri is on the far left, then Elder Peters, the Eluwa Family then Elder Dy and Elder Okechukwu
First off...a couple of things we learned from his other emails this morning:
He asked about voting.  He told us that he hears a lot about the election there and that: “I’m sorry that it’s so bad there. I hear about it here. Everyone is kinda laughing at us (Americans). The world thinks we are all so stupid for raising Trump and Hillary.”