Monday, September 14, 2015

"Someday I'll be 18 going on 45, 18 til I die" - Bryan Adams WITH PICTURES!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was full of unexpected and really cool events. First off right after I finished emailing last week, Elder Onen and I were walking back to our apartment and we ran into a guy who was a huge Barcelona fan. We had both just got our jerseys so we were both wearing them. He started to freak out, he was so happy. He was convinced that I was from Spain for some reason I don't know why. As we talked to him we ended up telling him why a Ugandan and American were walking around the streets of Ghana in Barcelona jerseys, to preach the gospel of course! So we contacted this guy, I don't remember his name because he is in Onen's area so I haven't seen him since but it was cool to share a gospel message with him. I think Onen will continue to try to teach him. Sometimes the ways the Lord prepares people may seem kind of ridiculous to us, but He does prepare them.

I have been trying to exercises every morning. I mostly just do XC abs and push ups. Sometimes I will talk someone in my apartment in to going for a run but its rare more than its common. Most of the time they will ride the bike next to me while I run. My goal is to do 300 push ups a day right now. Its going well but as usual my arms aren't really changing in size, in fact they might be getting smaller because protein is so hard to come by. It feels good to start the day that way though. I am also taking up the Josh Ward challenge to memorize a scripture everyday and so far I've done it, but its getting harder. I am up to 39 scriptures now I think, (that was quick math so its probably wrong)

We did this crazy service project this past week. I wrote about it in my journal:

Today we did this service project for a hoarder. I guess people won't give stuff away or throw stuff away because they think that people will take it to juju ladies (witch's basically) and use it to curse you. It's a bunch of nonsense but people still believe in it. So she had this storage room she wanted us to clean out and rearrange. there were so many eating utensils and pots and dishes in there, I'll bet everyone in Ghana would be able to eat out of something in  there.
Elder Dy and Elder Peters doing some service, cleaning up a hoarder mess.
Nice Barcelona FC Jersy Elder!

Once we cleaned out most of the junk we got down to these three wooden chests. we went to move the first chest and cockroaches came pouring out of the chest. So we went and got some raid and sprayed it down, and kept cleaning. Thinking we were safe I went to move the other chest, no roaches came out, but a spider with an abdomen the size of a quarter and legs that were about 3" long did. Eventually, we were able to get all the stuff put back, she was a little bit richer lady so her house was a little bigger. As a thank you she made us Bankuu with okro stew, which I'm still trying to get used too. About half way through my meal I was fingering through the soup (you eat with your hands) I grabbed something about as long as my finger, but really slippery and slimy. I lifted it out of the stew and it was attached to 7 other tentacles. My first thought was," cool, James would love to see this, I've always wanted to try octopus!" It actually tasted really good. Its really chewy and kinda sticks to your mouth, but its not bad.

I went on transfers with one of our ZL's this past week. he is going home from his mission in one transfer and was telling me a lot about what he's learned and some advice. His name is Elder Jessee he is a really cool guy. He wants to be an animator so i told him a little bit about you dad, the things you do for your job and stuff. While we were walking on the beach past the Palmrose salt factory (shed) This big muscly dude in a black beret and fatigues, carrying an AK-47 came running up to us. He said,"Wait! Wait!" not only did we do exactly what he said but to be honest we both probably wet our pants a little. He said, "Elders! Its so good to see you, I've seen some of you around my house riding bikes and I have been wanting to talk to you because you know, I believe in God and I want to worship Him but I have some questions..." WOW it was cool! Crazy Contact #2 for the week, turns out he lives near elder Jessee's area, not in it but he knew who the missionaries where there and we referred them to him. It was cool. I guess he works as a security guard at the "factory" that's why he had a gun.

Showing off some juggling skills.  Nice work Obruni Cocoa!

I got to play soccer with a bunch of little kids while I was out proselyting the other day, I took some pictures, but it was really really fun. they always love it when I do that. that and speak Twi, i am learning more and more. I can now introduce myself in Ewe, and Gha and ask "How are you?" in both languages. The only problem with that is that then they continue the conversation and I have  no idea what to say yet. but I will get there. 

For my birthday Elder Liera made me a "cake"

There are these guys that ride around on bikes and sell fanice. fanice is ice cream made out of powdered milk. its actually really good. so he bought a loaf of fresh bread and cut it up and poured fanice all over it and then froze it. we don't have an oven so I thought that that was really really creative. It tasted awesome. He has been a great trainer, and I will miss him a lot. Unfortunately he won't be finishing my training. He will be sent to Abomosu. Abomosu is BUSH. So he is sitting here next to me telling his family that they won't hear from him for at least 3 months because that's typically how long it takes letters to get from there to America, and that he doesn't know how long he will be there. he doesn't want to leave for several reasons. 1. He's training me and we work really well together and we have had a lot of good fun. 2. He has already served in Abomosu 3. there are only 500 people that live in his area, they have all been contacted by every missionary that has served there for the last 20 years and they aren't progressing very well. I guess that's why missionaries don't want to go to the bush. not because you don't have access to lots of foods, not because its not as nice as the city, but because the work there doesn't progress very well. In some bush areas it does. like Oda and Asamankase. but in Abomosu I guess it is really difficult, the only upside is you get to learn Twi really fast because no one can speak English. Elder Ferrin will finish my training, I will get to go pick him up tomorrow. I hear that he is a really cool guy, and I'm not worried I'm sure he will be a great companion, but its hard to say goodbye to Elder Liera.

Elder Peters and Elder Liera. Gracias for being such an outstanding trainer Elder Liera! Good luck in Abomosu!

On sunday Sis. blessing asked Elder Liera and I to give a blessing to her daughter. She is 10 years old and her name is Sandra. She had achy joints and a really high fever, I know because when I placed my hands on her head it was super hot. I don't know if she had it but those are the symptoms for malaria. Elder Leira gave the blessing and it was really nice. He blessed her that she would get better soon, that she would be able to help her mother. 30 minutes later, her fever was gone and she was running around. It was probably one of the most incredible moments I have experienced here so far. The Power of God is manifest so often, it almost scares me sometimes how incredibly powerful He is, but its so cool! Of all the things that God has to do he would take the time to heal a 10 year old girl through two 19 year-olds. It humbles me, but it strengthens me to see things like that.

Our pinata rocked today. 

-Love Elder Peters

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