Monday, October 26, 2015

"HONEY??!! WHERES MY SUPER SUIT???!!!" - Incredibles (with some sweet photos)

Late last night I got a text from my friend Thomas Apiah, who is from Ghana and went home to visit family last week.  In the text were these three photos:

Elder Peters holding a package that we sent him.
Elder Varo, Elder Friday, Elder Peters and Elder Paddon

Thomas Appiah with Elder Peters

Dear Family and Friends,

I thought that I would start off by sending a few journal entries that I made this past week because they really describe things here well.

Journal entry October 21, 2015:
Today missionary work was the best. The rain was COMING DOWN! I pedaled my bike through big puddles that went up to my feet, caking my pants and plastering the back of my white shirt with Africa mud stains. The air felt damp and cool. Drops of rain dripped from my eyebrows. All I could hear was the squeak of my pedals and the crash of the rainfall against the ground. My body was so soaked that it would appear as if I had just jumped into a lake. I dismounted my fearless yet humble missionary 0mm suspension Africa Rockslipper bike and walked toward Desmond, he said, "wow you guys are crazy, I thought you wouldn't come because of the rain..." "Its good to see you bro, how are you?" I said. "I'm doing well, but I’m glad you came because I read your little book and I am wondering where I can buy a Book of Mormon." said Desmond. As I went on to answer his question both immediately and correctly my mind wasn't really there. It was caught up in this thought: THIS ROCKS! Man I love being a missionary. Getting all muddy, soaked, and dirty all to teach about Jesus Christ. I love this. I thought I would miss going on runs in the rain and getting all muddy at home but this is way cool. It’s at times like this when you feel just a little bit like a super hero, and every morning when you suit up and look in your cracked broken mirror you feel awesome cause you got your super suit on.
Journal Entry October 21, 2015:
We’ve been teaching a guy named Eddie. He is super super cool. I love the man, he has incredible faith. We have just finished teaching him about the restoration and the book of Mormon. We invited him to pray about the things that he’s learned yesterday. Today we asked him if he prayed, he said he had. We asked him hot it felt, he said he felt normal. At first in my head I was kinda bummed. I then asked him, so how do you feel about what we’ve been teachin you? He said Oh I know it’s from God. I asked him how he knew he proceeded to tell me that the day we met him he was sitting on a bench smoking with his buddies, and his friends started to mock us, saying oh Eddie man, those guys are of the devil. But he said as his friend said that, and he was watching us pass on our bikes he had a very strong feeling that we were not, and that in fact he needed to talk to us. He whistled and called us over. After meeting with us that 1st time he hasn’t smoked again. He said that this is how he knows that the things we are teaching him are from god, and he wants to be united with us. He said that h has tried to quit many many times but that he never has been able to; it has always been really hard for him. But now he has "no more desire to do evil, but to be continually righteous" I learned from this that god answers prayers in mysterious ways. I think sometimes we limit the Holy Ghost to our own human wisdom and think that he can only give us "comfort" because that’s what we learn in primary. Now, its true the holy ghost comforts us, but he also strengthens us, gives us hope and can do many other things "which man doth not comprehend". Sometimes we will say things like; oh he’s feeling the spirit because he’s getting emotional. After we are baptized we have the spirit with us all the time, and he speaks to us in many different ways, we just have to learn to recognize them.
So today I went to play soccer with some other missionaries in our zone for the first time. I earned the nickname Peter Croch ("Crouch" Africans can’t pronounce the ou sound so it just comes out as o) I scored 2 goals. It was super super fun. I bought some cleats at the market for when we play again.
David A Bednar is coming to visit this Thursday. We are invited to come to see him if we bring an investigator. So we are going to try to take Eddie and Desmond. They are both progressing really well right now and if things keep going the way they are we will achieve 2-fers in November. I am really excited; I am praying that one of them will be able to go because it will be a very special experience.
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We had our Fijian sweet and sour chicken this past Sunday, and it was super super yummy. Thank you Elder Varo.
Last week we got a call from the AP's asking elder Varo if he was doing ok. They asked him what he was doing to get so many member present lessons. They asked him if he would be ok leaving Kasoa and going to help another district. He said that he liked Kasoa and he would prefer if he stayed here because our district is really working well and progressing a lot of people to baptism at the moment. they called again a few days later and said pack your bags your leaving tomorrow morning, no info on who will replace you, no info on where your going your just leaving tomorrow so get ready. Well as you can imagine he was a little bit ticked off. (Islanders are scary when they are mad by the way) then the next morning the Zone Leaders called and said, we just got word from president never mind, your not leaving just stay where you are. Now he was really ticked off because they wouldn't make up their minds and it was cutting into our work. Anyway so that was the frustrating thing that happened this last week. Lesson: be decisive, when you say something or do something; do it.
View of Kasoa
Congratulations Davis cross country for taking State, that’s awesome. I wore my DXC high altitude camp T-shirt to bed so I was supporting my team at the same time they were racing that day. I saw Joshs pic of his Davis jersey. You guys should know that you've got probably about 8 or so missionaries cheering for Davis cross country from Ghana so way to go!

Till next week,
-Elder Peters

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