Monday, February 22, 2016

On and island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun - Weezer

Dear Friends & Family,

 Today we went to Kokrobite (the beach). It was super cool. Though we couldn't swim, it was still super cool to walk on a beach in Africa. It was like the beach they wash up on in the movie “Madagascar”. Palm trees strait out to the white sand. We got some cool sea shells and hung out with some Rasta guys. They all smelled like weed, but were really cool. We saw some fishermen pulling in a net. It’s pretty cool how they fish. They sail a boat out that is basically a giant canoe and throw the net in the water and start to paddle it back to shore, then when they get about 100 meters or so away they get out and there’s like 30 people on the beach pulling the net in a big line and people trying to swim the net in from the sea. I took a video but it is so cool to watch. It was fun to have a fun day in the sun and try give some Book of Mormons to some Rasta dudes. 

Fishing Boats on the beach of Kokrobite and the palm trees in the background.
Fishermen with their catch of the day.  That one fish is pretty big! I think that is Elder Herrod's elbow in the lower's a little bit white and freckled for a Ghanaian.
There is another video attached that is this little kid that waits for me to walk by every morning so I can call him over and shake his hand. It’s funny because he won’t come until I call him.  In the video it also has something cultural that I totally forgot about, if you want to motion for someone to come to you, you do it with your palm facing down and move your fingers toward your palm, kinda different from home. But this little kid is so funny. Every day as soon as he runs out, I say "ete sen?" He says "'eye" and I tell him "meh ko bra why?" I’ll go come ok? Then he says "eye" and runs back to his mom, another successful day, I shook an obruni's hand. Skipping with joy. 

 Simon and Abel were baptized this past week. I was kinda worried about Abell because he is so young, and I really don't like to baptize anybody under the age of 18 because they are not very much in control of their circumstances or situation and often do not have the will power to come to church without the missionaries that baptized them there holding their hand. But he is such a committed kid. He has studied and prepared more than any other investigator that I have had and he even drew a portrait of Joseph smith and David and Goliath because it’s his favorite story. It will be cool because he will be able to serve a mission and as he is testifying that he knows its true I will get to be a part of that. Most of the people I teach wish that they would have found the church earlier because they want to serve missions so badly, but Abell will get the chance. 

Baptism in Kasoa

I finally broke down and bought a guitar and Elder Kaelin and I and Simon will go have family night at his place tonight and it is going to be so fun. It has been so nice to have some music in my life for the last 20 minutes of my night before I go to bed. I don't get a lot of time to play, but when I do, it’s awesome. 

This past week I read some pretty cool things in Alma in my scripture study. I didn't realize that when he goes to teach the Zoramites (the ones that build the Rameumptom) that he took basically the all-star missionary team with him. You got Amulek, Zeezrom, Ammon, Aarom, and Omner. All of them just back from their missions. And I also noticed that at the end of the story he doesn't say, and we baptized all the people who were “poor in spirit “but he just tells them to be patient in their afflictions and it makes me wonder if they just needed to wait. That was something I thought was interesting, maybe Ammon was kinda depressed, I can baptize thousands of laminates but when it comes to my own people, they just aren't ready. I learned that things happen in Gods time, not ours. Sometimes we think that we know when we really have no idea. (Isaiah 55) 

The sun is hot here; most of us are missing the snow. The mangos and pineapples are also out of season so they have become expensive. (Now 40 cents instead of 30) I have a mango for dinner about every night. You have to be careful though because if you eat them to much you'll get the runs.

I love you guys a ton! 

Love, Elder Peters

A few other things that we learned from Elder Peters this week:
  • Elder Kaelin has replaced Elder Friday as their new district leader.  We don't know any more about him except he can play the guitar.
  • He confirmed for us that the "Burying the Chief with heads from people" is real and not a fable.  It actually happens from time to time.  Crazy?!?!
  • He's found a man who does these really cool wood carvings and is going to get his little brother a cheetah.
  • He admitted that it's pretty hot there now and he kind of misses snow...but not that much.
  • He's been sharing most of the food we send him in packages with people there.  Many of them have never had a strawberry.  So he shares these treats from American with them and they love it.  They ask him if he eats fufu in America? They just can't fathom what life would be like without fufu or banku.

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