Monday, May 23, 2016

"You know, what do people scream when they see you coming? Like...Look out! Here comes...?!!" - Monsters Vs. Aliens

Sunrise over Accra

Dear Friends & Family,

It’s funny to watch somebody have to learn to cope with people calling them "obruni" all the time again. Elder Christopherson is a really cool guy
. I’ve learned a lot about him this week in having conversations with him cuz our other comp has been really sick. He likes to ski and rock climb and loves the outdoors. I took that picture of Josh and I rowing around on that log in my photo album book and he opened his up and he has a very similar picture in it, rowing a lot around a lake, bored of fishing. Elder Ferrin has slept and rested for the last 2 days cuz he has a pretty serious illness. Keep him in your prayers; he is doing a lot better today.

Elder "Nana Yaw" is Fanti/Twi for "born on Thursday" which would be one of Elder Peters names in Ghana (since he was born on a Thursday). Ghanaians have a LOT of names.
This week I got a call from Elder Kaelin and also a text from Sister Snow about Simon Nortey. Sister Snow said that he bore his testimony in stake conference and that it was awesome. Then in the call from Elder Kaelin he said that he is doing awesome and is really helping the ward and is preparing to go to the temple and receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. That was awesome news!

Sister Pascaline, who doesn't speak a lot of English, is doing awesome. We were hoping to meet with her husband after church this week but we had to do some finagling to get everyone in the apartment the sacrament. While we had some priests over at our house to look after Ferrin on Saturday Christopherson and I went to go see sister Pascaline and found her studying a children’s school book on English. She has actually learned a lot of it since we have been teaching her and it has been awesome to see this light in her life grow and help change her. When she found out that the word of wisdom doesn't allow tea, she showed us the cup she always drinks tea in and threw it out. It was awesome, she has two small boys and a teenage girl named Eva who went to boarding school last Monday and was helping Pascaline a lot with reading from the Book of Mormon story book. We will baptize her in 2 weeks and continue to try to work with her husband. Elder Christopherson is nervous and excited about doing the baptism.

We had a couple of crazy rain storms this week, I had to jump up in the middle of the night and move Elder Ferrin away from the window cuz it would soak his bed. I took a video of the streets slowly becoming rivers. Its cool, you can visibly watch the gutters overflow and the gap between the parallel gutters on the road slowly becomes thinner and thinner. It’s a really good thing because it has been SO dry lately; it will help the cocoa farmers in the eastern region.

Elders Ferrin and Christopherson walking home in the rain. You can tell that Edler Ferrin wasn't healthy in this photo...

Earlier in the week, before Ferrin was really sick, we went to George's (our investigator) house. There were a couple of ladies washing in these big wash basins. Confident in my washing skills I grabbed a stool and sat down. The woman insisted that I not help. I stuck my hands in the murky water anyway and grabbed a sock and started scrubbing, she said, "Oh, oh you can't do it" I said, "Mame, I’m already doing it...” she tried to take the sock out of my hand; I pulled it away from her. Eventually she gave up and let me finish washing the sock. (It was the last item in the basin) I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys this: you have to be careful asking to wash. You have to make sure that there are no woman's panties in there cuz it really embarrasses them if you try to help them wash their underwear. I’ve never accidentally washed underwear, I’ve never asked to either, that one has always kinda been a "no duh" cuz I don't really like other people washing my undies.

Ghana Accra Temple at night....beautiful!!!

On Friday Ulisses S. Soares and his wife (they're from Brazil) came to the Christianborg stake center in Accra and we were invited if we brought a recent convert. We took Joseph (a priest age young man we baptized a few weeks ago) and I ran into Dan Nybo again. He is doing really awesome and is over in the Volta region next to Togo. We loaded elder Ferrin up on drugs cuz he wanted to go and see his recent convert Jackson. It was cool to see them together. At one point in their conversation Elder Ferrin noticed that Jackson was wearing garments and asked him about it. Jackson proudly took out his wallet and flashed his shiny temple recommend. Elder Ferrin was so happy. It was cool to see. I guess elder Ferrin baptized him in his training in the Liberia camp, now Jackson is and endowed member who is a major help to their ward.

Today is Elder Christopherson's birthday and we were going to go the Osu Castle, but since Elder Ferrin is sick, we decided to stay with him. But don't worry in two weeks we will go.

I’m gonna try to get Elder Christopherson a good meal for his birthday dinner. Probably fufu!

I love you all a ton!

Love, Elder Brandon Peters

Hanging the mosquito nets.

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