Monday, July 11, 2016

"He might as well ride along with us; Heck, everybody else is." -The Outlaw Josey Wales

Elder Ferrin, Elder Peters and President Simpson. They got to go out and teach with their brand new Mission President. Great way to get to know him. 

Dear Family & Friends, 
This week after MLC President Simpson told us that the next day we would have a zone training meeting and that our zone needed to meet with him at 10 o'clock at the first light chapel. So we organized the meeting and it was really cool. We learned a lot about pres. Simpson and sis Simpson. Pres. Simpson served his mission on a little tiny island about an hour away from Fiji. He had 4 missionaries in his zone and they served together for all 2 years in the same apartment together. Occasionally they would swap companions according to his mission president’s instructions, but they were together for their entire missions. The people on the island lived very similar lives as the Ghanaians here live. He is really cool. 

Right before the meeting the AP's told us that President wants to proselyte with you guys after the meeting for a few hours. So we said, Ok! Leslie came to our apartment that morning and so we took him along to the meeting. After the meeting was over. The AP's and sis Simpson hoped in their nice air conditioned car and drove off and left President Simpson, his scriptures, me, Ferrin and Leslie to go proselyting in our ward. We walked out to the road side and I bought something a snack from a hawker (those ladies that stand in the middle of the road at intersections with giant washbasins of all kinds of stuff on their heads). I called over a taxi, argued with him about the price for a little bit, then motioned for everyone that this one was good, let’s go. We then loaded President, Leslie, and Ferrin into the backseat and I directed the taxi back to our apartment. We then took president, on foot through our area. It was so cool to see that this man saw us as someone that he was directly serving with. We weren't somebody he has to keep track of, someone to try to remember their name, somebody to follow-up with, but someone to serve with. He was right there hopping over gutters, dodging Muslims on motorcycles, sitting on little wooden stools, trying to learn some Twi. It was so cool. as we were out together it reminded me so much of the scripture in Alma 56: 46 "For as I had ever calledthem my sons (for they were all of them very young) even so they said unto me: Father, behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer thatwe should fall; then let us go forth; we would not slay our brethren if they would let us alone; therefore let us go, lest they should overpowerthe army of Antipus." It was super awesome. 
Then at the end of the exchange sis Simpson was sitting in the backseat of their car and the AP's were driving to come pick up President Simpson. As the car came close, they were in a place where they couldn't spend a lot of time pulled over because of the incoming traffic so sis Simpson hurriedly rolled down the window and tossed me a TUNA sandwich and an APPLE!! I was so pumped, Ferrin got his treat as well. And they drove away with us hopping up and down with joy in a huge community of Muslims. 
(It’s not that I can't get tuna or apples, it’s just that they are really expensive so I haven't really bought them since I came to Ghana)

Drawing a map in the dirt to show investigators how to get to church. (Elder Ferrin's name tag is the Church)

Mary Omowuni will be baptized this week, I taught her twice when I was in the other Lartebiokorshie area. I also was the one who became friends with her brother, and it was he who introduced me to her. Elder Ferrin and Elder Christopherson who are now in that area will baptize her this Sunday. So that’s cool. Also this past Sunday the Korle-Bu elders baptized a man named Steve, I found him a few weeks ago when he came to our ward and introduced him to our bishop who discovered that he lived in the Korle-bu ward boundaries. Elder Fryar and Elder Msomi did a really good job teaching him. It was awesome to watch him get baptized this past Sunday. 

Elder Peters out to work with one of the African Elders. Little bit of a height difference...
The most serious investigator in our area called us this past Sunday and told us that he is moving to Lapaz. We will go and see Rita (bro Archibald’s family member) tonight because it’s the only day of the week that she is home. We will try to do a lot of finding this week, maybe I will actually find someone who lives in my area! 
I went to a guy named Michael’s house and drove the fufu with him. It was cool. I am trying to send a video home, because it took a lot of practice and watching my whole mission to learn, but I’m getting it now. 

Oh ya we found a monkey living across the street from our house. He really wasn't that interesting, he was strait from the bush so he was just afraid of people and wanted to get away. It was kind of sad really. 

I love you guys a ton! 

Love, Elder Peters

Spend some time in Africa and you too will be carrying things on your head!

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