Monday, November 14, 2016

"Its a good thing your not a big fat guy, or else this would be REALLY difficult!!!" -Emperor's New Groove

Dear Family & Friends,

Yesterday Elder Tohouri and I were riding our bikes up the hills of Gbawe and he stopped next to a poster advertisement and said, "Companion! We need to call this number! You’re to chingalingy you need to look like this!" as he pointed to a big ol' fat mame on the advertisement. It was one of those weird "get thin quick" medical things that are such a fad all over the world I have learned. We rode our bikes away laughing. Chingalingy is a Ghana word for skinny, it’s not Twi, I don't think its pidgin, it’s just a goofy word...

On Tuesday we had a really awesome day, before each day the following night you plan for what kind of a day you will have tomorrow. You set numeric goals based on the names and people you have planned to see and ask referrals from. We nearly doubled our number goals for the day and it was SO awesome.

On Wednesday after we biked to a district meeting in Odorkor (about 4 miles away) there was some weird funeral stuff happening back in our area in Gbawe. I guess some person of tribalistic royalty had died and so there were bands of people going around slaughtering chickens and goats that were out and about (of which there are a lot) My companion and I weren't really sure what was happening when we rode our bikes through these dudes with a bunch of dead chickens slung over their shoulders. As we rode past them one of them decided it would make him look really smart to swing his meat cleaver at me. He ended up smacking my fanny pack as we rode by on our bikes. It gave the buckle on my fanny pack a nice scar, but no injuries to myself. Sometimes I just don't know what goes through people's heads.
Missionaries at MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) WIth Pres. and Sister Simpson
We had MLC this week and on the way home I decided to stop by the Lartebiokorshie apartment to pick up my hair clippers, as we got out of the taxi it just so happened to be when Leslie got out of school and he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. It was really awesome. Oh ya we received a new instruction at MLC that the Wednesday after we will host a zone training meeting and be expected to give instructions during that meeting. I will be giving an instruction on weekly planning and I will tell you about it more next week when I hopefully have more time.

One sweet experience this week for me was that our recent convert started teaching our investigator by herself. Last week we baptized Christiana and Emanuella Momoh. Emanuella is 9 years old and elder Tohouri and I teach her primary class. After the class we walked out the door and past the window of the classroom and I peeked inside to see Emanuella sitting next to a little girl named Felicia (we invited her mom and the rest of the family to church but mom didn't show up only Felicia) reading her brand new book of Mormon to her. I noticed that Emanuella had some scriptures marked already. It was just a cool moment for me.

After Church, a member of our ward came up to me and said, "Elder Cartwright was going to baptize my son, but he left before we got a chance to schedule the baptism. Would you baptize my son?" I said "ok" after he asked, I went to the bishopric to tell them that he had asked me to baptize his son. I told them that as a father, he presides over his family, really it’s his duty to baptize his son, but if he and the bishopric would like me to do it I would be willing. After talking for a little bit the bishopric asked me if I would. I agreed that I would and got changed. It was kinda weird and they weren't very prepared for it, but I baptized him.

We have been really busy lately and food is scarce in our area for some reason. Usually we are far from the apartment and sometimes the only stores around are provisions stores. I had coke and bread for lunch a few times this week because there really wasn't anything else around.

Last Monday Elder Dy came here to Gbawe (he served here for a little bit) to say goodbye to families he knew and recent converts. He ran into this guy named Daniel in his travels and gave him to us as a referral. We started teaching him this week and he is a really cool guy. His wife is in Koforidua with their baby. After Ghanaian mothers give birth they go and live alone with their mothers for 3 months to like shelter the baby or something. Its and interesting tradition, sometimes it makes missionary work difficult. Anyway Daniel has a wife and a kid and he works as a construction technician and we taught him at his work site: a building under construction. Everyone had gone on break for lunch so it was just us and him.

I love you guys a ton!

Elder Peters

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