Monday, March 27, 2017

"It's the fuzz! Scatter!"; - I forgot the movie, but I remember that it's a kids cartoon

Elder Peters was limited on internet café time this week, he had to take a 3 hour tro-tro ride to Accra to see the Mission Doc and get an ingrown toenail taken care of, then the 3 hour ride back to Kade so he could wash all his clothes (by hand of course) and in the middle he was able to squeeze in an hour to write to us.  The excitement of mission life!!!

Dear Family & Friends,

"Prove to me that God exists" I said. The Pastor reached for his bible. "Without the Bible" I said, "the words of a man are not evidence...”. He admitted that he could not prove to me that God existed. I, my companion, and a ward missionary had come to the home of one of our investigators in Akwatia. Esther had another "friend" over who agreed to sit in the lesson with Esther. Turns out it was a small pastor from her church, I've run into so many of these guys on my mission and I know exactly what they do, everything they say they have a reference to something in the Bible. And they want you to play their game. Throw your belief, backed by a quotation, and I’ll prove you wrong with my quotation. I sensed that this was the direction that our discussion would take after about 5 minutes of discussion. My companion and our ward missionary were both searching for their own arsenal of biblical quotations at this point and I stopped and explained some things about Evidence and Faith. "I know God exists, but I cannot prove it to you, I can only testify that He is there. You see Peter, Isaiah, Paul, they were all men just like you and I, and these things," I said holding my scriptures "are only a testimony of their words. The things we have to share with you cannot be proven, just like their words cannot be proven. At some point every man is backed up to the wall of Faith, there he must take his stand." I then briefly and accurately shared the message of the Restoration and bore my sincere testimony, adding it to the testimony of those who wrote the bible that Jesus Christ is our savior, that his church has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and that the only way anyone can understand and follow Him is through Faith and works. Anyway it was an interesting lesson I hope that the man felt something, if he didn't I certainly did. My testimony has grown so much as it has been tried like this on my mission.

Helping make dinner.
We have this mouse in our apartment, actually mouse family, and it keeps eating our food. We've got 2 of them in our trap so far, but we have at least 3 more to go. It’s kinda funny to come home at night and the first thing we do is check to see if our trap got a mouse.

This past week we had a Multi-zone conference at Ofankor Stake Center. It was really insightful and I learned a lot. We got up at 5:30 so that we could travel to Asamankese and catch a car with the rest of our zone to Ofankor. There was a lack of seats in the tro tro so we had to sit 4 missionaries to 3 seats. As we passed through one of the Police Barriers, a police man randomly stopped our car (this is normal, they do random checks) Turns out our driver didn't have his license and we were sitting 4 to a 3 seat bench. The Police officer's were kinda throwing a tantrum, but somehow our driver talked (maybe bought) his way out of it. It's been kinda funny to watch how that works here in the bush. If your license or registration isn't good, just tuck 3 cedis inside and hand it to the officer and he'll hand your license back to you. But only your license.

With some members after church.
We have a new investigator who has come to church 2 times now, his name is Daniel. He is 17 and is going to the local high school. He also goes to seminary everyday and is really excited about the church. He has a baptismal date for the 16th of April and he looks promising. His mom has remarried a man who goes to the Church of Christ and so it will be really difficult for us to make much progress with her (the woman kinda has to follow the man to his church I guess.) But she is a really sweet lady who can't speak much English but is always really happy and smiling to see us.

Daniel's area doesn't have electricity, and it was getting dark so we went outside to teach him. I could see an incoming rain storm and the weather was changing really fast and I said a silent prayer that the rain wouldn't come until we could finish our lesson. God answered my prayer and as we were walking home it started to rain really hard. We were soaked from head to foot and jumping over puddles and I couldn't have been more happy.

"I couldn't have been more happy"
Another funny thing that happened is after church we were waiting outside the bishop’s office to introduce him to Daniel and while we were waiting elder Ofusu Hene started calling our most non-committed unserious investigators. I asked him why he was calling them; we didn't expect them to come to church. he said, "I sometimes just like to hear people try to come up with creative excuses." he started putting them on speaker and it was so funny because these people had been called by missionaries so much that as soon as they picked up the phone they just started saying, "oh I had to go to... my uncle died and so I had to...." we laughed and laughed.

Mission Rocks,

Love, Elder Peters

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