Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Elder Peters, Elder Perry and Elder Mantz got to go to the temple this morning.  Notice how all these Cross Country runners wore yellow ties?  
Dear Family and Friends,

I only have a little bit of time until dinner, I have been wanting to write more because I wrote the last email in 5 min because I was limited on time again as well. things are pretty hectic here in the MTC sometimes. our schedule is planned down to the minute and I was called be a district leader and now a zone leader and I have a lot of stuff I am supposed to do in "free time" but am struggling to find much free time.

Elders Perry, Mantz and I went on a run and I think that there is a picture that president posted on the blog of us running. Elder Nelson from Nigeria wanted to play the piano with me while we were running so I went in to play with him, it was fun. 

I haven't got the letters that were sent to the MTC yet. We went to the temple today and it was a good experience. After that we went to get our non-resident identification cards which took about 4 hours so that is why I am so limited on time, but the cool part is I got to practice being a real live missionary for a little bit. The guy working at the computer in front of me taking my documents and picture and stuff told me that he is dating this girl who is a member of my church and said that her parents wont let him marry her unless he joins. He asked me if I thought it was worth it. I told him that IT MOST CERTAINLY IS!!! I told  him to make sure he meets with the missionaries and talks to them, but I testified to him that if he took the time to listen to the other elders like me that he knows and thinks about their message that he will know that it is the right thing to do and it will make him very happy. 

I have not used my debit card yet but I exchanged some USD for cedis, 20$ is worth 66 cedis (cedis are Ghanaian dollars) I guess. Driving in the MTC tro-tro to the temple and the bank was fun. The best words i can use to describe the traffic here is organized chaos. people with big baskets and pots full of stuff (I mean like anything from waterbags to wall clocks) walk down the middle of the highway in between the lanes and when cars stop in traffic they sell things to the drivers and passengers. The bigger and heavier the car gets the right away, motorcycles zip past all over and I guess its pretty common when merging and going into roundabouts to get about 4 inches distance away from the other vehicles. But it all works out, no one gets hurt and everyone gets to where they are going. 

Our time is up so that's all I'm gonna get this week I guess I wanted to tell you about classes and send pictures and other stuff but I've got to go sorry.

Love Elder Peters 

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