Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Fists Hunger For Justice - July 29, 2015

So Elder Perry and I talked to the president about our concern with only getting about 15 minutes total so far to email our families from the MTC and he felt that we should use a half an our of our personal study time to make sure that our families know that we are doing well and to talk with them. president Robison is a really good guy, i like him a lot. he cares a lot more about trying to be a good, effective, happy missionary than being incredibly strict with rules. a lot of the African elders are still learning things about being missionaries, for example elder Msomi is from south Africa and there swear words aren't swear words, he was telling us how the missionaries there that he talked to even swore because its just part of south African culture. just like how swear words in the u.s. are different from swear words in England. anyway that's just one example. he is doing a lot better because someone explained to him how we aren't in south Africa anymore so you have to say dang and heck instead of other things. also a lot of them went through the temple for the first time and a learning  how to wear garments. 

The African elders have incredible gospel knowledge.

while we were at the temple there were some real missionaries from Accra west that came to the distribution center while our garments were being handed out and it was super cool to talk to them and see them. i think real missionary life is going to be way different than here in the mtc, even though i am already living in Ghana.  

James, yes i am playing a ton of soccer with the native African elders and they are very good. at this point there aren't very many American elders who play with them because they don't see much of the ball on the field, but i am having a blast! i also found a gecko on the wall of my apartment and took a picture of it in my hand, it was really small. i thought you would like that James.

Elder Sakala taught me how to properly wash my shirt in a bucket the other night and it was honestly the cleanest shirt that i have had all week, even though the laundry ladies gather our wash and do it in big machines. 

there are about 8 french speaking elders here from the DR Congo. most of them are going to serve in Cote'de Voire (ivory coast) one of them knows pretty good English so we have been having him talk to the french elders and the french elders teach us how to speak french through him. its cool. i wish i would have taken some french in high school, but Spanish helps because a lot of the words are the same. i can say the following in french but i don't know how to spell it because we learn from them through just speaking it: "I'm going to wash my shirt, good morning, good night, how are you? I'm good, my name is elder peters, pass the ball, i am a missionary from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints". I would like to learn more french. Pretty cool stuff.

I am glad you are all enjoying my stuff i gave you to use while I'm gone. i hope Alexa keeps working on the guitar. Josh I know you hand will heal up and you will be better in no time. Trust in the lord and his timing, I know that you will be blessed for your hardships if you have faith. work hard and do your best in your running, I can't wait to hear about high altitude camp. mom and dad keep plugging along with all the stuff that you do to make our family happy. 

My testimony is growing a lot, and I am learning a ton on how to teach the gospel to people and serve others. I love you all

-Elder Peters

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