Monday, December 21, 2015

"I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!" - A Christmas Story

Elder Peters sharing his name tag with a young future missionary.
Dear Friends and Family,
So we got these push up lizards all over our apartment and compound and they are super hard to catch. They don't really bother us but there are all over the place. as I was sitting outside doing my wash this morning I looked up from my bucket and saw a rather large one sitting on our wall underneath the barbed wire and he was doing push-ups, and I had this quick thought flash through my head:"if I had my bb gun right now, I would blow that sucker away.." and I went on to think about how dad got me one when I was 8 years old for Christmas, and decided to use that as the quote for my email. Funny how many thoughts are quickly turned to Christmas and family these past few days.

I got these cool Ghana stickers to put on my journal; I will send home a picture of my journal sometime. You guys should send me a DXC sticker to put on it, one of Jarren Ericksons super cool ones. Also President hill gave us a present for Christmas that is some kind of bird that is holding a nut that it is going back for after it hid it. It’s to remind us of our missions after we are home, to remember the lessons we have learned and the valuable things that have happened just like the bird remembers its fruit. I will take a picture and send it home; it’s a cool wood carving.
The Ghana Temple was super cool. It was the same movie that I saw the first time and I haven't seen any of the different movies. I’m wondering if they are now only showing the one? It’s a good movie and it accomplishes its purpose. I loved doing the name for William Peeters; it was cool to do a name of someone from my family in the temple of my mission. Thanks for sending the name grandma! I learned a lot of new things and even had a few good ideas of how I could better be able to explain the plan of salvation to those who I am teaching. The temple is cool take advantage of it!
Left to Right: Elder Friday, Elder Peters, Elder Varo and Elder Brown...check out the cool ties.
The president hill Christmas conference was cool. We ate some really good food (pizza), it was SO good. President hill got pretty teared up at the end of the conference saying goodbye to us. It will probably be the last time I see him in Ghana. He has been a really really awesome president. He said something that brought me some comfort. He said that he has no clue what he’s going to do when he goes home. He’s retired, his wife is no longer here on this earth, and he doesn't really know what’s next for him. He counseled us as missionaries that it’s ok to feel uncertain about going home. But to know that god will do his part in helping us figure it out as long as we work to do our part. if any of you asked me before I left if I was afraid or nervous to go to Africa on a mission I would have told you nope, because I have been preparing for it for 18 years, what I’m afraid of is coming home, I have no clue what I am gonna do. He’s eased my mind on that a little. But I have a long way to go till I should think about going home so I mostly just wanted to write that thought down so I can refer to it later.
WE found Elder Perry at the Mission conference with President Hill.
This week at church I went to Bawtjiase. It was cool this week because I filled my bag with restoration pamphlets and book of Mormons and for the third hour of church we just went out and contacted people. That place will grow SO fast. I taught half of the group there how to contact somebody and then we went out and did it. I told them the number 1 thing is be sure to get their phone number, give them our phone number, and be sure not to argue with them. People love to argue about the bible here.
On that note: those preparing for missions, know your bible, but be prepared to use your book of Mormon more. You can either bible bash with people, or help them gain a testimony of a modern day prophet through the book of Mormon. When people open up to the bible, open up you book of Mormon and bear testimony.
I have been planning a Christmas dinner in our district. We each are buying things to make fruit salad, tacos, cake, pie, al Varo (carbonated fruit juice that is SO good), and popcorn. It will be really cool on Christmas Eve I am going to buy about 15 pineapples and draw Christmas cards and tie them to the pineapples and deliver them to members and some investigators in our area. I’m hoping that it will be successful.
Typical open air market in Kasoa
I found a guy today that prints the names and numbers on the back of football jerseys. I ordered a US one and if he does a good job I might get a Ghana one from him. I took elder brown to market because he needed some sunglasses and a good pair of p-day shoes. He also is getting a Chelsea jersey from the same guy for when we go to play football. Elder brown is a cool guy; I am glad that I get to serve with him.
On Saturday elder brown was sick. So elder Varo went on exchange with elder Friday to do some baptismal interviews and I stayed home with brown all day. I called our investigators and told them we wouldn't be available. And arranged for Boniface to pick them up tomorrow for church. Then I washed my clothes and cleaned our kitchen, now I feel like I can actually cook in it. (I used to just buy all my food for the week off the street on a daily meal basis)
Meal time in the Elders apartment...looks like they eat on the floor???

I also found a guy that sells musical instruments and I’m hoping that he will be able to get me a full-size acoustic guitar (he didn't have one in his shop today) because then I will be able to play the guitar for people next Christmas. This week we are going caroling at the Liberia camp (Budaburham) tomorrow and then we will go to the stake center and carol for them there in Twi. The islanders will perform their haka and we will enjoy a nice dinner with the entire stake. Then on the 24th and 25th we will deliver my Christmas gift to our members and have our district dinner. Then I’m not sure what we will do on the 26th. But on the 28th we will go to the Frimpong family who is feeding our entire zone jolof rice and malt. I’m super excited for that p-day.
I wish you all a merry Christmas! thanks to: Sarah, Annalee, Rachel, Russ, and Trish Peters family, Brad Anderson, Jordan Barnett, Alex Hedquist, Jeff Mottishaw, Kevin Day, and the Bruce and Julia Johnson family for sending me your emails wishing me a merry Christmas! I will try to send all of you a personal response in these coming months as i get time. thank you all and AFESHAPA! (merry Christmas in Twi)
Love, Elder Peters
Instructions on how to use a toilet. I'm glad they clarify the first two positions.

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