Thursday, December 10, 2015

Letter to Primary Kids

I forgot to post this earlier in the week.  Our Primary kids made Christmas ornaments that we sent to Elder Peters (along with a few from the Waffle Friday crowd) so he sent this letter back to the kids in his letter to James this week.  It's pretty dang cute.

Dear James & Kaysville 9th Ward Primary:


Thank you so much for all the ornaments and the stocking you sent me in my package! I got it on Wednesday. I wrote a letter for the primary kids to for you:

Little kids go to school here just like you, some don't get to go though and there is no place that they would rather be than at school. Be sure to be grateful that you have the opportunity to learn and be smart.
Little kids here love to play in the rain just like you love to play in the sprinklers at home.
Little kids love to dance and sing and play sports just like you.
Little kids love to hear scriptures stories and stories about Jesus just like you.
Little kids like you go to the well to fetch water and carry it in buckets on their heads back to their homes to wash their clothes and cook their meals.

Little kids love fireworks just like you.
There are a lot of lizards and snakes. They (Ghanaian kids) are deathly afraid of snakes.
Thank you so much for the Christmas ornaments. I’m sure that there are more goodies (in his Christmas package) waiting for me but I am waiting until Christmas to open them! I love you all!

Love Elder Peters

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