Monday, January 25, 2016

"This has gotta be the good life, good good life..." -One Republic

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for writing me every week. I just wanted to say that, I am so grateful that you guys write to me every week. 

Elders Peters and Herrod eating sugar cane

So on Tuesday I had an eventful day. I had called my taxi driver George on Friday to come pick me up at 6 to go to Presidents house to pick up my new companion. I got up at 5:15 and went to get cleaned up. Only to discover that our poly tank ran out of water. I had no water, so no shower. I bought some pure waters and took a sink shower. Then my taxi driver was late so I went to pick another taxi to go get Elder Broadhead from CP (about 10 minutes away) then my taxi driver called and said he was coming and I told him to meet us at market. So and hour later he came and picked us up and we started on our way to presidents house. We were the first missionaries there. Then we got some instruction from President on some stuff and I got assigned Elder Scott Herrod (yes the one a lot of you that are reading my emails went to junior high school with, ill talk more about him later). I gathered some apartment supplies and grabbed his bag and took him out in front of president’s house and called my taxi guy. Someone answered the phone and said, "Oh this isn't George, George got thrown in jail for insulting a police officer." I laughed, said very funny George, that’s a good one, so we will be waiting at the place you dropped us, ok?" then whoever was on the line got super ticked off and said, "NO THIS ISN'T GEORGE! George is in prison...” and hung up. So my taxi driver got thrown in jail. But it was ok I just picked another taxi and we got back just fine. But it was a pretty eventful morning.

So Elder Scott Herrod is a super cool kid...
He went to BYU for summer and fall semester before he came on his mission and took mission prep there. He went to Fairfield junior high school and lived in Alex White's ward. His freshman year of high school he moved to California and that is where his family lives now. He played basketball and surfed at home and is a really cool guy. He is very prepared for his mission and is awesome because he just wants to work!

It’s been weird being the one that calls the shots and takes the lead though. I think the weirdest part is that up till now on my mission, my companion can speak more Twi than me. Now I am the one being asked by elders Herrod and brown to teach them Twi. I feel like is still don’t know a lot, but I will find myself having conversations with people all the time. Elder Herrod's first few hours as a missionary saw me contact a lady entirely in Twi. After we started to walk away, he said, uh ya you just had a conversation in Twi. I thought about it and realized that ya, I actually did. So I’m learning small-small. Btw-it’s not usually good to contact people entirely in Twi because that means you will have to determine the next time you meet with them if they speak any English and if they don’t it becomes awkward because I can’t teach the entire restoration lesson in Twi yet. So you just have to plan for a member to come with you. I also have learned that I can eat the leftovers. As he is adjusting to the new food, bankuu and iced kenkey isn't agreeing with his stomach or gag reflex very well so I have been able to enjoy a lot of extra portions. Also something I never thought I would be able to do. 

On Tuesday night, after enjoying kenkey at the Oppong family house, we were walking home on Obom road. Obom road, I have heard is notorious for armed robbery, so we were moving pretty fast because it was now dark and we were on our way home. I was looking for a place where we could enter the back roads and weave our way home through them, and he was telling me about something when all of the sudden this big guy with his shirt cut in half, so you could see his belly, came running up behind us and started to walk with us and was telling us about his situation. It scared me to death, I jumped pretty good. He started talking to me and we kept walking I wasn’t really listening to him because I was keeping my eyes peeled for other people that would come up behind us or on our sides. it got to the point where I was ready to trip him and tell my companion to run and we would take off, but he just asked us for money and I handed him a pass a long card and told him that’s all we could give him then we turned and went a different way. He stopped following us after that. We were ok, but that’s the first time I was actually afraid of getting robbed. Close call, but now I know what to do better the next time.

Right now we have a lot of people that we are progressing toward baptism. Henry is doing really well, but he traveled to Kumasi this past weekend so he didn't come to church. But it’s no wahala because I know he’s doing really good. we are teaching this guy who introduced himself as "prophet Simon" so us (which is usually not a good sign, because it means he runs a church, or helps run a church, so there’s bound to be a doctrinal conflict) but he is really humble and as we have taught him he has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and he’s told us he knows its true. He’s also told us that his church provides EVERYTHING for him. So he would have to basically become homeless to be baptized. Pray for him. Also we started teaching this guy named Simon Notey who is gotta be one of the most chill people I have met in my life. He has a childish smile and plays the guitar really well. (I asked him where he got his guitar he said Melcom but I went there today and they didn't have one, grrrr) he came to our emergency stake conference this week and is progressing really really well. He hasn't flat out told us, but I’m pretty sure he either has or had a problem with marijuana. He has read a lot of the Book of Mormon and has told us that he is praying about it and that at church he felt very welcomed and loved the service. He liked how there isn't just a pastor telling you "how it is" but he said he loved how we have classes where everyone can share their ideas. He is currently writing a song on his guitar about Ether 12:27. I sent a video of him playing his guitar for us after a lesson. All three of these people have committed to baptism but it might not be us that baptizes them.

So our area has been split so as of right now half of our area is going to New market building and the other part is going to CP. this is what the emergency conference was about. We are still waiting to hear anything from the mission about this...

I don’t know where to tell my investigators to go to church on Sunday and I have no idea where I am supposed to go to church on Sunday.

Washing clothes

I taught my son how to wash today; he did a really good job. He is trying really hard to adapt as much as he can to the culture here. I want him to be ready to train a new missionary by the end of his training. 

More to come next week...

In conclusion, these past two weeks have gotta be the best part of my mission so far. This really is the good life, a good good life. 2 Nephi 5:27

Chillin' in the back of a Tro-tro with Elder Brown...livin' the good life

I love you all a ton! 

Love, Elder Peters

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