Monday, June 20, 2016

"Have a little faith baby." - Kelly's Heroes

This week Elder Peters struggled with power & internet outages, so he wasn't able to get much email out (DANG).  We were able to chat back and forth a little bit and parts of our conversations are attached below. The good news is that he was able to send a few photos! (AWESOME) 

email him at HE LOVES letters and photos from home. 

(From his note to James)

James! That is so cool that you got to see the new Jungle Book movie! Somebody asked me if I can listen to the soundtracks like it and they are great! Music like that is good!

My new companion is very very interested in animals. (His new companion is Elder Polsander...that's all we know about him...we hope to learn more next week) I called him yesterday and I told him maybe we could goo the zoo in Accra sometime and he seemed excited about that. More to come on him...

I have actually heard the new Jungle Book theme song, a missionary in my apartment downloaded it, and it sounds super cool! 

I love you a ton!

Love, Elder Brandon Peters

(This next note was a bit cryptic as it got cut off...but it sounds like he's doing great work! They held a Zone Training with Pres. Snow and many ward and stake leaders were invited)

I was very impressed and somewhat surprised at how many members of the Ward and Stake Aux. and bishoprics where at our zone training. In the PEC meeting that we had the Saturday before the zone training our Bishop told the auxiliary leaders that he expected at least one of them from every organization to be at the meeting and there was a lot of grumbling about it because of the time of day it was at so I was surprised that we got the turnout we did. 

I learned a lot from the training and we have already started to implement many of the things that we talked about into our area. It’s cool because it now gives us access to A LOT of members that I previously couldn't get to very well. 

I really learned a lot from not inviting people to come to church, but to come unto Christ. It made me not only think about those I am teaching, but myself. I asked myself, am I on mission, just to be on a mission, or am I coming unto Christ through my mission? It was good to do an evaluation of myself and set some goals of things I can do better. 

I am excited to serve with elder Polsander. The only thing I really know about him is what I talked with him about when I picked up elder Herrod: finding animals in the bush. 

We confirmed Pascaline this week and received 2 new referrals that are really cool. We will miss Elder Friday and Elder Keddington (They were both transferred out of the area), they have done a lot of good here in Lartebiokshie.

Lisa, the white lady (from Weber's funny how they call her the "White Lady"...he has mentioned in the past how strange it seems to him to see white people now) invited us over to her guest house for dinner this past Thursday again and most of the group had left at that point. I got talking with her and this other guy from her department at Weber and they are really cool people. They have been coming to Ghana for the past 10 years and love it here. They are doing a lot of good for people here.
The "White Lady" in the middle is Lisa from Weber State.

As I talked with them they explained to me that they are respitory therapists at Weber State and said that I should come and check it out when I get back, it’s crazy the people and opportunities you run into on your mission.

Also she is returning on July 16 and gave me her email and told me that if there is anything I want her to bring, she will bring it. Throughout our conversation at dinner I had mentioned something about chocolate milk and how good it was and she showed me a list on her phone and said, I’m bringing you Hershey’s syrup YOU EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT ANYTHING ELSE. So ya she is really awesome. I can't think of anything yet though. She gave us a bunch of trail mix, pop tarts, and beef jerky, toothpaste, left over from their trip here.

Me goofing around in a grove of plantain trees.

Me and Elder Christopherson walking through a Muslim area called Sukura Market

Personal study in the morning, Ferrin got malaria and has a fever in this pic.

Peters and Ferrin taking a lunch break at Mamponse which is now where Elder Perry eats his lunch every day.

Elder Green. This one is for Josh's entertainment. I thought he would get a kick out of a missionary sitting on a minuscule stool. Green is awesome!

Outside of bro Hankiel’s house. He’s a recent convert and has a wife who we are teaching who just gave birth this past week.

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