Monday, August 8, 2016

"I may not know Karate, but I know crazy!" - Shanghai Noon

Photo from Elder Cristopherson. P-day on the beach. Out to see the lighthouses.
Dear Family, friends and adamfo,

Apum wey? (what's up?)

This week was a really crazy one. It started with Elder Ferrin going home on Monday. It was hard to say goodbye to him. Then Tuesday was transfers. We had two elders coming to our zone to replace the sisters in their former area and they had no idea where the apartment was, they had no phone for the area and are completely whitewashing it. I had no idea where the apartment was either; it was the sister’s apartment I never had a reason to go there.
The sister’s district leader went on transfer but luckily his former companion is still in our zone and he knew where the place was. So I did some travel around the zone and met up with Elder Ngoy (the sister’s district leader’s companion) and he took me to their apartment with the two new missionaries: Elder Kgomo and Elder Wilson. We didn't have a key and were looking around for the neighbor that supposedly had the key left with them for about 20 minutes until we found them and got their bags in the apartment. After getting them all set up I got a call from the AP's telling me that they were bringing Elder's Wilson and Kgomo their phone and they needed help getting to the apartment. By this time I had taken elder Ngoy back to his apartment and so I had to do a little backtracking. I met up with them, oh ya and Leslie wanted to come with me so I dragged him along and it was a good thing to because the sister’s apartment is kinda a maze to get to and I started to get lost. But Leslie knew the way and we got there and got the elders their phone. By this time it was about 3 in the afternoon and I finally stumbled through the door into our apartment to find Elder Ombaka from Kenya as Elder Christopherson's new companion unpacking his stuff. It was a crazy day.

The craziness didn't stop there, that night I got a call from the Korle-bu Elders, their landlord was making them move again within the same compound, I don't know how the mission approved that one but I’m pretty sure this landlord is just trying to swindle money from our mission cuz he can. Anyway the Korle-bu Elders (now Elder Dy and Elder Fryar) needed help moving their fridge, table, and beds downstairs into a different apartment so we went the next morning after our study to help them. It also took a lot longer than expected. We finished getting them all set up around 1. The whole place needed swept and mopped before we could put any thing in there. We were able to get a few lessons in during the evening hours on these days and I was feeling bummed about it because I knew that we would have MLC the next day and it would take a huge chunk of the day.

Somewhere in those few days Sis Princess referred us to a man named Robert Tetteh, he is a Muslim but has bounced around from religion to religion all his life. He told us that he it just never felt quite right. He has a particular problem with Christianity because it is so divided. Muslims are the same; everywhere you go they have the same beliefs. It is a good sign because it means that he is looking for the truth. We went through the entire Restoration lesson with him and he seems really excited about it. We will see him more often this week.

Friday was a pretty normal day, but it came way to fast. This whole week I was feeling kinda bummed out because I wasn't getting to see the people that I wanted to. At first it was exciting to go to MLC, but now it’s like, Ugh we have this meeting again? I just want to go hang out with my ward back in Lartebiokorshie. Those people are way more fun.

But we ended up finding a lot of new people this week. It started with Brother Akpalu telling us that he has an uncle that moved in with him and he wants us to teach him. Last night I went and saw him and he is interested. But the coolest thing that happened all week was Esther. Esther came to church on Sunday and a member of our ward recognized that she usually wasn't around on Sundays and discovered that she is an investigator. Turns out Esther was being taught by missionaries in Kumasi mission and they had taught her everything. Even had an interview with the mission president of Kumasi. But she was still living with a man and so she moved here to get out of the same house so she could be baptized. This past week Pres Simpson had us fast to find new people to teach; well we certainly have been blessed with Esther. Also Rita is coming along very well. The only day she can meet is on Monday so Elder Christopherson and I just got to the cafe after teaching her and at the end of the lesson she asked us when she can be baptized. Cool huh? We didn't even have to ask her, at the end of the lesson she very shyly asked if she could be baptized. It was so awesome! The spirit in that lesson was strong.

Joseph and Belinda canceled their appointment with us this week. But elder Pohlsander and Elder Christopherson taught Joseph on Tuesday about the Word of Wisdom. Elder Pohlsander, Christopherson, Ombaka and I have decided to merge our areas and share our investigators, splitting with ward missionaries to cover more appointments whenever possible. This week will be the first test run of that, but I think it will bring some good success.

I am helping  Leslie's sisters; Louisa, Angel, and Lillian build a doll house. That has a fun way to close the day after dropping Leslie off at his house.

I am almost done with Matthew in my New Testament study, I am also trying to read Jesus the Christ along with it and I am learning some really cool things from those books.

I love you guys a ton! And I love missionary work!

Love, Elder Peters

P.S. OK, I need to explain the Converse All-Star, idiot appearance in my pictures from last week. It was P-day and I was doing some wash in our house. Elder Ferrin was packing up to go home in a few hours and he threw me his old Converse All-Stars and said, "Do these fit you?"  So I tried them on, while I had them on, I got a phone call from Elder Perry in which we decided that we would meet at the KFC in 30 minutes so I could take him to meet PK, the guy who makes these really awesome suits. So I threw on a shirt and tie and took off with my companion who also threw on whatever clothes were the nearest at hand. I don't eat at the KFC, it's way too expensive! We decided to take some 'farewell' pictures since Elder Perry was being transferred out of the that's the reason I look so dumb in those pictures.

The High Top shoes in question....

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