Monday, August 15, 2016

“What’s in the bag? Uhh…chocolate chip cookies. FOOD!!!” – Bedtime Stories

Dear Family & Friends,
The weather has been nice especially today. Right now the sky is clouded and rain is falling, but so lightly that it kinda floats down like snow. The air is cool. The dust is absent, because of the rain. Its nice. But it does get cold at night, last night was COLD 

This week I did 3 baptismal interviews! Our zone is doing really good. Oh ya we are the smallest zone in the mission right now, only 14 elders.
There are districts in the world that are bigger than that I bet. Anyway it’s been cool because I have been able to really get to know the members of my zone really well. Elder Ngoy from DRC cooks us something from Congo every Sunday and invites us to his apartment for lunch. I have learned a ton about service from him, and it is really helping me learn some lessons right now.

Throughout the week we have been teaching Isaac Kloku, we got through the first part of the Plan of Salvation with him and have committed him to be baptized on September 4. I read through Stockton’s email this week and every baptismal invitation is exactly as awesome as he makes it sound. Isaac also invited us over to his place to eat crabs and bankuu with him on Thursday. He is a sweet old man.

Esther got a call from an employer of over 1 and a half years ago this past week and got a job working as a caterer, its crazy how god blesses us for our acts of faith. She moved from Kumasi to live in a different house than the man she was living with just to get baptized. We will have an interview for her with President Simpson sometime this week. Hopefully she will be baptized with Eva this Sunday. Oh ya, Eva is getting baptized. Elder Christopherson and Elder Ombaka have been teaching her since she has been out of school. It is gonna be really really hard to leave this ward because I have served in both of the proselyting area's contained in it. I know SO MANY of the members that most missionaries would never get the opportunity to get to know because they would be confined to one proselyting area. I think I will ask pres Simpson at the end of my mission if I could finish my mission in this ward.

I have been working with sis Mensah and brother Mensah to help me get a tro-tro to the zoo in Accra for our zone. I will make the confirmation calls this evening and get president's opinion on it, but that is my plan for our next p-day and zone activity.

We were biking past this one part of our area that has some bush, there is a small football field there and also there are a ton of broken down tro tro's and guys wearing sunglasses welding pieces of metal together. at one point there is a gutter that we have to hop over with our bikes and there were these two big bulls in the bush about 10 ft away from the gutter that where knocking horns. It was kinda cool to watch them battle for a few minutes. I took a video for James, but it’s too long so I can't send it.

Joseph and Belinda are coming along small-small. I have learned that a social transition is more difficult for people to make than a doctrinal conversion. Bishop Chris has been helping us teach Joseph and Belinda and it has been a huge blessing. They are pretty deeply rooted in their Methodist faith, but so was Joseph Smith's mother so we will keep trying. They invited us over to pound fufu on Saturday with bishop and his wife. They don't have a baptismal date yet, we gave them a book of Mormon last time and we will see how well they have decided to take and interest in discovering what it has to offer.

Missionary work is awesome! Ghana is sweet, watch for them in the Olympics!

I love you guys a ton! Love, Elder Peters

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