Monday, April 10, 2017

"I'd stay away from there,That stuff is like broiling hot!" - Wreck it Ralph

Dear Family & Friends, 
This week is transfers and our entire district is staying together. So I will have Elder Ofusu Hene for at least 1 more transfer, but I think that they will take him away from me for my last transfer because he has been here for a long time. The only difference is they split Asamankese Zone and we are now part of Abomosu Zone. 

During this week we were walking to an investigators house that is located in the far reaches of Kade, and there's no electricity in this area. As we got there and discovered that our investigator wasn't home but a nearby farmer called us over to his house. We followed down this little trail and saw a lot of palm trees cut over and tipped on their sides with large bottles placed under them in the ground. A little ways from the fallen trees, there was a little honing with dozens of oil barrels under it. These guys were brewing palm wine. As we followed this farmer to his buddies we discovered that not only did these guys brew large quantities of palm wine, they also drank large quantities of palm wine. In Gbawe we had a less active/recent convert who sold palm wine to people and one time, to show me how much alcohol was in it, he poured some on the ground and lit a match and threw it on the puddle and it burst in flames. So these guys were SUPER drunk! They only spoke Twi, so I turned to Elder Ofusu Hene and said, “I’m sorry but you’re on your own for this one.” Drunk people are hard to understand in English because their language is so slurred, but Twi is impossible. He worked his way out of it, but I gained a much stronger testimony of what it means to "pray while your companion is speaking" (that’s in PMG somewhere...) 
This past week we were teaching a man named Nana Kwame. He called us over to his workplace as we were walking down the road and was interested in "our church" he said. As we sat down with him and got to know him better and began to explain our message we found out that the reason he was interested in the church was because he had a friend in Kumasi who claimed to have done some sort of Juju ritual to obtain ten thousand Ghana cedis by reading the Book of Mormon. As we met with him and brought a member friend along to see him as well we were able to explain the true purpose of the Book of Mormon and asked him to read and pray about it. On our third visit with him I asked him if he had read what we had assigned him to and prayed about it. He shared an experience of praying and getting a feeling and hearing a voice saying, "What they are telling you is true".  Listening to him I wasn't all that impressed. My experience as a missionary told me that he was telling us a story to make us feel good; he really had no such experience. I felt this way because of how many times that has happened on my mission. The week prior we had an investigator tell us that she had a dream where Joseph Smith was standing on a coconut tree and threw her a bottle of honey and it tasted sweet and she new the church was true, then calling her later we could hear her tell her kid on the phone, "tell them I’m not home..." hundreds of experiences just like this one on my mission were telling me to doubt what Nana Kwame was telling me. But then I had a thought, "Are you letting your experience diminish your faith?" 

I am now confident that that was prompting, that I need to be careful that the many experiences I’ve had as a missionary doesn't diminish my faith in the work. I wanted to share that small thought with you.
Kojo is progressing really well and will be interviewed for baptism this week hopefully. It’s really hard to find him sometimes because he doesn't have a phone. Mary has disappeared, I’m not sure she’s coming back to Kade. Daniel is also doing ok. He didn't come to church for some reason this week, but we will go and see him tomorrow. 
I'm praying the lord will see fit to bless our area as we have been giving it our all this past transfer. 
I love you guys! Love, Elder Peters

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