Monday, April 17, 2017

"You can't say nothin' 'bout TEXAS!!!!" - Sandy Cheeks

Enjoying the work!
Dear Family & Friends,
Yesterday I went on a small exchange with our new Abomosu zone leaders. Elder Ofusu Hene went with Elder Msomi from South Africa (he was with me in the MTC) and I went with Elder Morris of Texas. It was funny to talk to him and catch up. I served with him as a zone leader so I would see him at MLC and other meetings and it was cool to talk to him again. Texas accents are fun.

Kojo was all ready for baptism and Elder Morris came on Saturday morning to do his baptismal interview. He said it was a great interview and that Kojo was all prepared for Sunday. Kojo also called us twice Saturday morning to make sure that we were coming, the second time because we were a little late from Asuom. He showed every sign that he was committed and prepared for his baptism. The next morning he didn't come to church. Elder Ofusu and I thought that maybe he was just running late and would be there by the end of sacrament meeting, but he never came. Elder Beya and I decided to split and go to his house and see if he was there during elder’s quorum. Maybe Kojo was nervous because he didn't have a white shirt and tie to wear or something like that. Kojo doesn't have a phone so we would have to go to his house. Upon arriving at his house his family was there, but he wasn't around. His Father had come from his travels and started speaking to us in Twi, we could hear enough to know that Kojo wasn't around.
Kojo had told us before that he wanted to get baptized before his father returned from his travels because he knew that his father would have a problem with him being baptized, but he assured us he would be fine attending church as long as he didn't know where Kojo was going. He is 20 years old so he legally has the right to decide which church he can attend, but sometimes family persecution can be intense enough to stop a baptism.

We will go there tomorrow to try to talk it out and see what the best course of action is.
The tro tro ride to Asuom is super super dusty because the road isn't paved! We have to wear t-shirts over our white shirts and ties other wise our shirts will be coated with a thin layer of red dust when we get out of the car. It doesn't help that they pack you in like sardines and so it gets really hot and sweaty and all this dust is sticking to your shirt.
"90% of the lessons I have taught on my mission are outdoors on benches in front of people’s houses"
We have been teaching 2 spouses of members in our ward. Kate and Emmanuel. Kate is our Branch Clerks wife. Emmanuel is the husband of one of our relief society sisters. I’m not sure how interested Kate is, she comes to church sometimes but I think its more of the culture of "follow your husband to his church" right now. We will help her gain a testimony. Emmanuel doesn't speak any English and Elder Ofusu Hene teaches him most of the time and I listen really well and try to hear the Twi and memorize phrases. Emmanuel has made some big steps with us, I guess missionaries have tried to teach him before and he has ended up running away from them. But now he is asking questions in lessons like, "How can I recognize the Holy spirit?" and "Can I say the closing prayer?" He even said the closing prayer in elder's quorum meeting this week. On Tuesday when we sat down with him for the first time a storm was beginning to rage off in the distance and I knew it would eventually blow here. As the sky got dark and the wind started to blow, I started to pray. I prayed that the Lord would keep the rain from coming until my companion could finish explaining a simple version of the restoration and give him the invitation to pray. (We were teaching outside, I would say that 90% of the lessons I have taught on my mission are outdoors on benches in front of people’s houses, just a culture thing...) It was cool because as soon as we said the closing prayer and started to walk away the rain came. It may have been a small thing, but it as a testimony to me that God answers prayers.
Getting rained on.
Upon returning from proselyting on Sunday night, we met up with Elder Beall and Elder Beya and walked to the apartment as a district. upon arriving in the apartment and turning on the lights we spotted a mouse dart out from under some shoes in the corner and run into our "game room" (let me explain: we took a white board and some Joseph Smith pamphlets and made a ping pong table. Elder Beall has paddles and a ball. Funny thing is we hardly ever use it.) I grabbed my flip flop and went in after the mouse, he was cornered in our "game room" chasing him around for about 3 minutes, both Elder Beall and I finally got him. Only to find another mouse! Eventually we got him too. So I have 1 point in the apartment mouse hunt, and Elder Beall has 1 point in the apartment mouse hunt.

Also I was able to run every morning this week. Ether with Elder Ofusu Hene or Elder Beall. I think I got our whole apartment out 4 times to run this week. It was pretty cool and fun cuz we found this trail right behind our apartment that just takes off into a palm farm. So it’s just like a single track trail that winds through walls of bush. Trying to get back into shape small.
Mission is awesome!
Love, Elder Peters

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