Monday, May 15, 2017

"But the Lizard? He is going to die" - Rango

Brandon's catch of the day with his makeshift, Bear Grylls style, fishing pole.  Also pretty impressed with Elder Ofusu Hene's green ukulele. Looks like a fun P-day

Dear Family & Friends,

So we had some fun adventures this week. Lots of teaching, lots of trying to find new investigators.

On the roadside women will cut up these giant "yams" and fry them in vats of oil, it’s a typical lunch that we eat. Usually they serve it with ground pepper. This lady happened to be selling avocados as well and so I bought one and put it inside of the bag and squished it up with the pepper and had a guacamole and fried yam lunch! It was awesome!

From our Mother's Day Skype call.  See how happy he is? They got soaked in a rain storm and the power went out so we was wet and in the dark.
When we ended the Skype call on Sunday night it was light off and we walked home to the apartment in the rain. It was also light off as soon as the Skype call ended so i didn't really get to say goodbye to you guys, but I’m glad it’s that way, because i didn't really want to say goodbye anyway! (the Skype call just ended after about 55 minutes) It's still light off and the cafe that we are in is using a generator to power its computers. It’s usually really hard to sleep in light off because it’s so hot, but last night it rained and so it was cool and the mosquitoes weren't around so it was really nice!

The highlight of the week was Sister Kate’s baptism! It was really cool because she is the spouse of a member and now they will be able to work toward helping her get her endowment and the family will eventually be able to be sealed in the temple! I didn't get any pictures, but I will ask some of the ward members to send me some of the pictures because I know they took some on their phones.

So today we tried out our makeshift fishing poles. None of us had any intention of actually catching anything, after all the hooks were made out of bent up needles, the bamboo was cut about 5 minutes before untwisting a rope we found in the apartment to make string, and the worm was under a rock that i was standing on to rig all my makeshift tackle together. After hours and hours of fishing with awesome equipment at scout camps for years catching nothing, i guess I’m a better fisherman made out of junk from a missionary apartment, cuz i caught that fish in about 45 seconds from the time my hook hit the water (Elder Ofusu Hene thinks I used juju (magic) to catch it...We didn't even know for sure if their were fish in that water, we just get so bored in the apartment on p-days i suggested going fishing.

I know that the Lord blesses us as we strive to faithfully serve him by serving his children. My crazy fishing story reminded me of something that i have been contemplating in my missionary work lately. We know that Faith with out works is dead, but what about having works without faith? I have been caught in this trap sometimes of when we find someone, or when someone commits to something, i lack the faith that they will actually do what they say they will do simply because it has happened to me so much on my mission. But the works are still there, so i have often asked myself, "If I’m working, but i have no faith in my work, will it still benefit others?" I have learned this week that indeed lives are blessed by our works, even if our belief isn't there, our works ARE faith, and "you shall receive no witness until after a trial of your faith" or "you won't have faith, until you get to work!"

I love you all so much and it was so awesome to see you all yesterday!

Love, Elder Peters


Some things we learned from his Skype call yesterday:


  1. He LOVES being a missionary and is very happy in Ghana.
  2. His toe is doing better and the infection is gone.
  3. He will finish his mission in Kade, so Elder Ofusu Hene will probably be transferred next time and Elder Peters will get a new companion.
  4. His Twi is going OK.  It is so cool to hear him speak it.  He still teaches mostly in English, but can converse with people in the streets pretty well.
  5. He hasn’t been able to weigh himself, and some people say he’s getting fat, and others say he’s too skinny, but he looked very healthy. 
  6. When he does speak Twi and has to put in some English, he speaks with a heavy Ghanaian accent.   It’s really cool.
  7. He's trying hard not to think about the fact that he comes home in 7 weeks.  He is determined to kick hard on this last leg of his 'race' and finish strong.  So he can say "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7

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