Monday, May 8, 2017

"I'm just too white and nerdy" - Weird Al

Elders at zone conference. Elder Peters looks pretty dang nerdy in this photo!
Dear Family,

The Biggest news of the week is that we Baptized Kwadwo and Derrick! It was a great service and i got some good pictures! Unfortunately Emmanuel couldn't make it to his baptism but we are planning for another one next week, so all is going well in Kade!
The baptism of  Kwadwo and Derrick! Such an awesome picture!!!
We have been really bored these past few p-days and so Elder Beall and I made fishing hooks out of needles and we are going to try this pond in the bush about a half mile away from our house this afternoon to see if we can catch anything. I saw some kids catching catfish in some puddles this week and so we are encouraged!

Tramping through the Bush near the 'fishing hole' (hopefully next week we'll hear about any fish they caught)
Something funny happened last week, I was telling Elder Ofosu Hene about how I have never baptized anyone on my mission that I have contacted. They were all either member referrals, non-member referrals, or someone who contacted us as missionaries. We were wandering around at this time and this family sitting under a mango tree in front of their house called us over. Selassi and her sister Rebecca ended up sticking around to listen to us after we sat down and started the lesson. They have been reading from the Book of Mormon, and praying, and telling us that they will come to church, and they actually came! It was really cool because it was an experience that told me that i should always rely on faith, than the school of hard knocks. Sometimes life can knock us down, maybe even multiple times perhaps even to the point that we don't think that we can rise up again, that it is normal to fail at our attempts. I learned that Faith can conquer this this past week.

So I've been having some trouble with my toes and ingrown toenails so I have been wearing my Keen sandals to proselyte every day. I haven’t gone to the doctor yet because we just have too much to do, and I don’t want to make the 3 hour, cramped tro-tro trip to Accra and back. I fear that discomfort more than my toes discomfort.  Living in Ghana is a life of discomfort that I’ve just gotten used too. You know how when you go camping you just don’t ever feel fully clean or relaxed? That’s how I felt the first week and a half of my mission and now I’ve just gotten used to it.

So as I was sitting in front of our mirror one morning putting on my sandals, I thought about how really nerdy I look. I had my glasses on, my worn-out slacks, my pen in my pocket with my tag, my white handbook looked like a pocket protector, i gave myself a terrible haircut a few weeks ago...I was amazed that I was having any success at all.  Who would want to follow this “chingalingy” giant-white-nerd to church? It was kinda funny because I ended up reminding myself that when we teach people, the Spirit is carrying the gospel unto their hearts. The Spirit works past our own weirdness (perhaps it uses it) to help other people come unto Christ.

Elder Ofusu Hene is getting his patriarchal blessing in a week and a half (on the 17th of May) so I’m going to see the doctor about my toe then.

The work is work! And it’s the best work ever!

I love you all, and can't wait to talk to you on Mothers Day!

Love, Elder Peters


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