Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"All right, its up to you Delmar...well…I'm with you fellers." - O Brother Where Art Thou

Visitng the beach on P-day

Dear Family & Friends,
This week is a kinda weird one because Ghana is having its elections tomorrow and so we missionaries have to try to stay out of it because there could be some violence involved, but don't worry I’m safe. Everywhere we've gone for the past few weeks people have asked us who we are voting for and we have to explain we aren't citizens so we can't vote. It’s funny because some people get really argumentative, “well your living here, you should be able to vote!" (For my candidate) I can say that sometimes it has been difficult to turn people’s minds to the gospel with all the elections going on throughout the world. Toward the end of the U.S. presidential campaign I got asked about Donald Trump A LOT. The more these elections became the focus in people's minds the more I realized how important it is to put our trust in got, not in men. Nephi says, "O Lord, I will not put my trust in the arm of the flesh; for I know cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of the flesh. Yeah, cursed is he that putteth his trust in the man or maketh flesh his arm." I think that last part is really interesting "maketh flesh his arm". I'm pretty sure that Nephi was one of history's first body builders so he knows that if you add more "flesh" to an arm, you’re adding more power. So if we give more flesh to a man's arm, or we give more power to a man, we are giving more of our power that God gave us (moral agency) to him as well. It's so funny how opinionated people become about the politics of men, and yet so many people refuse the idea that God has laws as well. Here in Ghana Christianity is the pop culture of society, most people that I have taught have struggled to accept the idea that God has laws, that those laws make up the path for us to follow to become more like Him. So it's just funny to me that there is all this argument going on about the "philosophies of men"
Elder Tohouri, Elder Peters, Flourence and Elder Makambo
The best news of the week is that Flourence got baptized! She is so happy! And I’m really glad we were finally able to do that as well.
We have been blessed with A LOT of opportunities this past week:
Tues - Cleaned Grandma Dodoo's ceiling fan, changed her light-bulb, and I drove her bankuu for her when her granddaughter had to step out to get more water from the tap.
Wed - Sany Hymn's with Priscilla because she is trying to learn to read. It's the best way I’ve found to help menti brofo (people who can't speak or read English) then we fetched water for her.
Thurs - Washed ALL of Patience's pots, pans, utensils, and plates for her fried rice business. She has been learning with us for the past few weeks and came to church on Sunday.
Fri - Helped a member family move big logs into a pit so they can burn them to make charcoal. Helped a member family collect all the eggs on their chicken farm.
We were also blessed with the opportunity to give A LOT of priesthood blessings to people who are sick.

I honestly think that I have done more service this week than any other week of my mission. We weren't able to hit our teaching goals but I reminded myself something that President Ucthdorf said, "Many of the things you can count do not count. And many of the things you cannot count, really do count." so it was all good.
On Saturday night we got transfer news. I will stay here in Gbawe with elder Tohouri which I am happy about because we have been able to really "click" as a companionship. Also the other cool news is that Elder Perry will be my District Leader so I will get to go on exchange with him and see him at district meetings and stuff. It will be really fun. Elder Tohouri and I have been working on different projects and activities our zone will do for Christmas and I’m really excited because Elder Perry will be there too.
Teaching Christiana Momoh's family how to play this game that we teach families for FHE its kinda like jenga but with matches
Yesterday a cockroach so big that it could probably get in a fistfight with a small mouse was scuttling across our floor and elder Ntumba grabbed my aerosol sunscreen and I told him no it’s too expensive for this and it probably wouldn't kill it. Meanwhile elder Tohouri was dousing the insect with hand sanitizer because earlier this week I showed elder Tohouri that trick where you put a lot of hand sanitizer on your hand and you light it on fire and you can have a flamin hand for a few seconds before you wave the sanitizer off. So he decided the best way to send this beast back to its maker was to destroy it in an inferno of hand sanitizer.
Missionary work is great, and I love you guys and I’m proud of you all!
Oregon sounds like it was a blast!
Love, Elder Peters

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