Monday, December 19, 2016

"Am I just eating because I'm bored?" - The Grinch

Me and Deborah our ward missionary, my Ghanain little sis.
She is afraid of the camera like most 14 year old girls...
Dear Family and Friends,
Merry Christmas everyone! "Afishyia pa"!
We are gonna chop this Sunday papa! It's gonna be nice! One thing that is cool is that the stake president live in our ward and his family lived in Utah for 6 years while he went to school. They have 4 kids Franny, Eliza, Aaron and Levi. They are all really funny and they love talking to missionaries about stuff in Utah. I was talking to Eliza about Seven Peaks after primary last Sunday. 

Ghana Christmas is about being with your family, relaxing from work, and eating food. A lot of people go to the village for Christmas because that’s where their families will meet. They will prepare a lot of food and roll out speakers the size of refrigerators, pump the tunes, dance, do fireworks (they call them knockouts) and have a really good time. In the city, it can get kinda hard because sometimes it feels like everyone has gone to the village, but we will have fun too. 
This week we had zone training and I gave an instruction on working with members, something our zone is struggling with right now. I focused on 3 stories from the book of Mormon they come from Alma 20:26, Alma 15:16, 18, and Alma 8:26-27(linked to Alma 10:10). I’m running out time and I still need to download some Christmas songs because we are singing at the mall for Christmas, and I have a lot of other Christmas stuff to get ready for the zone. We talked about how in Alma 20 the father of king Lamoni wants to kill Ammon, he's so angry with him and his son Lamoni and they get in a fight (not the best way to start a relationship with an investigator) but the king becomes interested in what Ammon’s purpose is when "he saw that Ammon was not desirous to destroy him, and also the great love that he had for his son" or the investigator saw the great love that the missionary had for his member friend that it fills the investigator with such a sense of awe and wonder that he invites him to his house to learn his message. I won't go into the other examples cuz I don't have time but we talked about how when our members say they are busy, they aren't saying I don't want to help you, they are just being honest. It is then your job to love them, to help them make time to help you and the Lord. Anyway, I thought it was ok. 
Florence gave me a really awesome strip of kente because we were helping her dig this big pit so they could burn logs into charcoal. That was pretty cool. 
I also got to watch some farmers unload a semi-truck full of pigs. It’s the kind of the thing that would make josh laugh and laugh and laugh. There’s so many things that happen that I think about how josh would just laugh like crazy at. I have a video of it, I will show it to you guys I’m just running out of time. 

Deborah (our 14 year old ward missionary buddy) got me a Santa hat for Christmas. She and her family help us with the work a lot. 
I love you guys a ton! Love, 

Elder Peters
Our living room/ping pong table

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