Monday, December 12, 2016

"Do the chickens have large talons?" - Napoleon Dynamite

Dear Family & Friends,
Elections in Ghana are a party. The current president Jon Mahamma and the new president elect Nana Akufo-Addo had a pretty good face off here in Ghana. I guess Nana Akufo-Addo has been trying to become President for the last 3 elections here in Ghana and has lost only by narrow margins the last two times. It was clear entering the election that Nana had way more supporters (at least here in Accra) than Mahamma.
They were supposed to declare the results on Thursday but they were late and didn't declare them until Friday evening. Elder Tohouri and I were contacting a referral from a member (Michelle) when all the sudden we heard all this yelling and fireworks started flying through the air and people were honking on their vuvusuellas (remember those really annoying plastic horns in the South Africa World Cup?) We decided that we would book-it home, once in our apartment we got a text from the AP's telling us to let our entire zone know that they need to get inside as soon as possible. So that was kinda fun. Everyone was really happy that Nana won and I hope that it will bring good things for Ghana. 

Nana Akufo-Addo, the president elect of Ghana
On Thursday we stayed inside our apartment for most of the day and cleaned up really well and planned some things for the next few weeks. It got really boring at one point in the afternoon and I called Elder Perry and said, "honestly I’m really bored and so I decided to ring up my best friend and chat with him for a little bit." He laughed at that and we had a good conversation about life and stuff. We are really blessed to be here in the same mission. Later in the week I was talking with our ward mission leader and he said that on his mission in Nigeria during the elections they had to stay inside the apartment for 2 weeks and that he got really bored so I have to count my blessings.

Besties at home and abroad. 
On Monday I took elder Tohouri to Eddy's Pizza to celebrate his birthday (late). On the Tro Tro ride home I asked elder Tohouri what he thought about sharing it with Hannah and Darlington's family because Jackie and Jasmine (their daughters age 4 and 2) also had their birthdays around the same time and we didn't do much for them. He agreed that we should surprise their family with a pizza. We walked in the house and the girls started jumping up and down, they were so pumped. It felt awesome. The only part about it that kinda stunk was that Elder Tohouri left his kente scripture bag with his book of Mormon that he has studied his whole mission in it with some of his money on the tro tro. Elder Tohouri goes home in February, losing the sword you've fought with your entire mission with 2 months to go has got to be rough.

So we have a guy in the mission who supplies the mission with all of the stuff that they need. Anything from restoration pamphlets to bike lights Matthew will bring it for you. He works mostly with us as zone leaders and we distribute the rest of the supplies to our districts as we visit them in exchanges or at district meetings. He stopped by our apartment on Friday morning to drop off a supply of stuff and he brought me my mail. I was really excited, like all missionaries are when they get mail, but I was especially excited because I got a box that was from Jacksonville Florida from an Elder Joshua Ward. It also had Elder Perry’s name scribbled on the side of the box and I knew I got the legendary shoes. As friends in the locker room during body conditioning class about 2 years ago now, we came up with this idea of sending a pair of running shoes around the world to each other on our missions and doing a mile time trial in them and sending them to the next guy. And I got the shoes! I also got grandmas Dutch Christmas socks. Elder Tohouri says thank you.
Faithfully serving the livestock of Ghana
We collected chicken eggs at the farm again. We are having a lot of fun and working hard. We got a really good referral that a member of our ward brought to church and we are receiving more and more assignment from our bishopric which is a really really good thing.
I will try to prepare better for next weeks email to show you some pictures and also tell you about some Christmas stuff that will be happening.

I love you all a ton!

Love Elder Brandon Peters 

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