Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few photos from Elder Peters

I happened to check Elder Peters Google drive the other day and found these photos that he had uploaded.  They are only a few but I wanted to share them.

This is a typical street in Mamponse.  That young man in the photo looks too young to be an Elder (Besides I don't think an Elder would be wearing a studded belt like his) so I'm making a guess that this young man is George Armah...the Preist age Young Man from the local ward who helps Elder Peters and Elder Liera with the Gha speaking people in the area. 

This is Elder Peters bedroom in Mamponse. That blue thing hanging over the bed is the mosquito netting he sleeps in like a tent.  Ah...this brings back some awesome missionary memories!

This is a typical view of the ocean.  Much of Elder Peters area is along the southern coast of Ghana and he is on the beach daily.  This is a very impoverished area of Ghana.  Unlike here in the USA, in Ghana the wealthier people tend to live inland and the poorer people live closer to the coast.  Not sure what that boat is out there...maybe a fishing boat? 

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