Monday, August 3, 2015

Dis Place About to BLOW

The Zone Leaders; Elder Perry and Elder Peters at the Temple
As I sit here ready to leave the MTC tomorrow morning that song came to mind (Dis Place About to BLOW), everyone is SO ready to get out and serve, even though we've only been here 11 days. I catch elders just staring out of windows at the nearby streets and people, I even catch myself just staring out of the windows wondering what it will be like. I think I

took a picture of the window I stare out of while
I'm waiting for elder Perry in the restroom. (stick with your companion rule #1)

Ready to go "out there" and get to work
There is something i need to clarify from my last email: president Robison promotes strict obedience. He does not tolerate swearing or anything like that. i was simply trying to explain that he felt strongly that talking to our families is very, very important. he is in charge of the schedule here at the MTC so he is not breaking any rules by giving us email time. 

I have learned a ton about how to teach by the spirit. I've realized something that I remember dad telling me when I have had challenges with running or school in the past that is really making a difference teaching lessons. he often said, " trust and pray to the lord as if everything depended on Him, and work as if everything depends on you!" we were studying and preparing for a mock investigator teaching appointment, we both felt like we should prepare a lesson on the restoration, specifically testify of the book of Mormon and the power of prayer. we wrote down potential questions we could ask, scriptures we planned to share, etc. we worked hard! as if everything depended on us. the time to meet with the investigator came and elder Perry and i had a quick prayer, asked the spirit to guide us, and walked toward our investigator in the park. the lesson started and we taught something completely different from what we had prepared and i know that we were guided by the spirit. i had scriptures pop into my mind that i haven't heard since my 9th grade year of seminary. i thought of simple, awesome, ways to explain things. she accepted the offer to read the Book of \Mormon and even said the closing prayer. even though the investigator was on of the teachers here, and we weren't really trying to convert her i think god know that we need to learn to teach with his spirit present. pretty cool stuffs (as the Africans would say. they can't say stuff without throwing on an s at the end.)

I found one of Alexa's hairs in my clean set of socks that I haven't used yet. I folded it and put it in a Ziploc bag and taped it in my journal. It kinda made me tear up a little. Alexa you have such beautiful hair, I'm holding on to it so when I get back we can see how much its grown! I love you a ton.

So the other day I was waiting in the hall after teaching a fake investigator and Eder Aniwa stumbled up the stairs completely our of breath. he kinda wobbled around a bit an then he saw me and he yelled, "Elda Petas! Elda Petas!"... he grabbed the fire extingusher and was running toward me now "you all red, you ON FIYA!!! Here le me help chyou..." and he went to stick the hose in my mouth but we both fell over laughing like crazy. He is a character, we've had some good times here in the MTC. 
Elder Mantz and Elder Aniwa

I sent home that short email to mom because we had a zone leader interview with President Robison and he asked us to give advice for other elders coming to the MTC, specifically address the issue of excess baggage and bringing snacks from home. I don't know if you read about Elder Ngabonziza be he didn't show up with anything but the clothes on his back and when president asked him if he could get anything for him he asked for a book of Mormon. go read his story on and when you hear people at home complain about "trials" try not to laugh in their face. this kid saw his mother get slaughtered by rebels as a young boy. he joined the church on Nov 14, 2014 but his scripture knowledge is exceptional, as is his faith. hearing stories like that, and I've heard a ton more very similar to it here in the mtc, strikes to your very core. it makes me want to be a better missionary, makes me think to myself, " if I was in that situation, would I have enough faith to leave my starving orphaned siblings and serve a mission?, what can I do to have trust like that in my savior?" pretty incredible stuff.

I found a gecko on the wall the other night and took a picture of is as the first animal that has entered my living quarters as I am sure there will be a lot more in the future. (still haven't seen a mosquito) 

You know that click language that people kept asking me if I was speaking? well Elder Sakala can speak it, and it is SUPER COOL to listen to I guess the letter q is the the click sound.

I have been playing the piano a lot, Ii even kind of taught Elder Nelson a piano lesson
as zone leader I am to care for all of the missionaries in the MTC. If someone is missing soap, needs a charger for their shaver, doesn't have a doctrine and covenants, any problem comes strait to me. I have been up at about 5 AM most mornings to help the African elders get soap and don't get to bed til about 11 at night trying to explain to american elders to go to bed and that not everyone gets to email tomorrow because we have like 12 laptops for 70 missionaries... we have other duties as well like conducting meetings, teaching lessons to our districts (actually that's a district leader thing...which I am still that too.) its been hard. but it has been rewarding.
the food has really been good and I am for reals that the bread is way good.

I have figured out the MTC, and i have found a lot more time to study and feel so rushed around. I am short on time now though and I have to go now so i will do my best to try to answer some other emails that you have sent. I love you all very much. 

Love, Elder "Petas"

Here is an extra treat...

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