Monday, August 17, 2015

More Photos From Elder Peters - Aug. 17th, 2015 edition

We were pretty excited to log in today and find a bunch of pictures that Elder Peters had uploaded for us.  Again, we are guessing at a lot of them because we don't know exactly where they were taken but they are still a ton of fun to see and share so ENJOY!!!

Close up on the name tag and a VERY cool Kente Tie...Dad is jealous!  That is a sweet tie!

Piles of garbage litter the streets.  With no public waste management or services, people just pile garbage in back streets and alleys.

Elder Peters licks his lips in anticipation of some real Ghanaian cuisine.  I honestly don't know what it is...I think it's some kind of fish.  He says that he's getting used to eating the WHOLE FISH...bones, eyeballs and all.

UPDATE:  I talked to my friend from Ghana and he told me this dish is called "Bankuu" the dough ball is maize and plantain mashed together and the bowl has fresh sardines and red pepper sauce.

Another view of the ocean and the beach in his area...doesn't look so bad...does it???

One of my favorite photos this week.  Elder Peters chillin' with the kids...something he does very well.  When we opened this image, Josh said "Ha, I put those sunglasses in the van on the way to the airport and he took them with him!" I think it was Alexa who handed them to him as we got out of the car and suggested that he take them just in case.

Elder Liera and Elder Peters eating sugar cane.

Called to Serve Selfie.  Working hard to serve the people of Ghana.

We love you Elder Petas!!!

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