Sunday, August 2, 2015

Aug. 2, 2015 - Ready to Embark

Hello family, this is gonna be a really short one. Hopefully I will get more time to email next week after I have gone out to the mission field. There is just some quick advice I would like to give to elders coming to the Ghana MTC.  

Elder Peters studying hard.

Starting from day 1 it was super nice to get my luggage under 50 lbs because it saved us 250$ and it was way easier to carry up to the 3rd floor. (The MTC has no elevator and the elders dorms are on the highest floor) getting here at 11;45 at night after 23 hours of traveling, the last thing I wanted to do was haul my luggage all the way up there. I have pretty much lived entirely out of my carry-on which leaves me with plenty of toiletries and supplies to enter the mission field right away. except for soap i could have used 2 bars of soap, sometimes you will wash your clothes in a bucket and it uses a bit of soap. All of the water here at the MTC is filtered so don't worry about bringing a filter bottle, and they give you one when you enter the field. a few snacks were nice to have but mostly for the plane ride and 5 hour layover in the Amsterdam airport. 

The MTC food is good I usually had a bit left over after meals. They ease you slowly into the food eaten here in west Africa and sometimes I had to man up and eat things that I probably never would have eaten at home but I have not felt hungry once. Fufu is so good! They bake fresh bread here everyday and you get either a roll or slice with every meal and its way good! I think another key is to stay hydrated, a lot of the time elders don't drink enough water but I have noticed that staying hydrated helps me to stay alert in class and it helps with adapting to a different cultures food.
In conclusion, THANK YOU MOM!!! for helping me pack and making my physical experience here at the MTC a positive one. I love you guys and I will email you all sometime next week.
with love, Elder Peters

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